Thursday, November 26, 2009

Reasons to be Thankful 1-10

My sweet Western Australian and as yet unmet friend Ribbon has had some hassles with their new property. So much so, she's had to move out for a while so that repairs can be done, asbestos removed etc. But tonight she posted 10 reasons why she loves where she lives despite the inconvenience and hassles they've had over past months so here goes. After haggling with two developers agents last night and tonight, being told we're not worth much, that the electricity easement is a problem and that our price is unrealistic . . .10 reasons why I love living where I live:

I have the most beautiful parrots. The kind people are arrested for trying to take overseas, Sulfur crested Cockatoos
, Rainbow Lorikeets, Mountain Lowry's, Crimson Rosellas, Galahs and in winter even the odd yellow tipped black cockatoo.

Rainbow Lorikeet outside my bedroom window

It has been the most wonderful place to raise children. No need for Playstations
and computers, here it was all bikes and cubby houses, cricket pitches and even now, they create putt putt courses out of old pipes and wheel barrows and have as much fun as they did making raspberry noises on their little trikes. Or in latter days, pocket bikes.

Adam and the short-lived Pocket Bike in the back paddock

There is no traffic noise. At the moment I'm listening to duelling and I suspect very sexy frogs having a vocal battle that is nothing but deafening. I've been Googling frog noises all night to try to find out what they are because it's a new noise to our garden. But they are LOUD and determined. Venturing out with the Maglight didn't help but I did rescue a little bell frog from the pool.

I can't hear my neighbours. Their music is never too loud, their arguments unheard.

We have enough room for two families and can maintain our distance or share our company. Perfect.

Clare's Peruvian hammock gets a Sunday workout - often!

The smell of our gardenia hedge heralds summer, it's laden with pretty white heavily scented flowers that just scream Christmas!

I can leave everything unlocked. Well for the short term. As suburbia encroaches, we have more people crossing our paths but I don't even own a front door key, can you imagine?

It's fantastic for parties. The kids can make noise, invite 100 people over and barely make a dent.
Party time . . . the theme . . black light!

I can have horses. My silliest expenditure but the most beautiful boys in the world. I might starve but they do not. I love glancing to the right when I'm at the computer and seeing these beautiful white (once grey) boys grazing peacefully in the back paddock.

My two old men . . .Laurie on the left and Chippy on the right

This place is filled with memories of two of the most amazing people in my life. My parents. They bought it when there wasn't even a sealed road. At 50 years of age, my dad fancied a green change, took the plunge and never looked back. It's been the place for family reunions, birthdays, funerals, family dinners and the birth of all but two of our children. The memories here, good and bad make for grand meditations. It's not perfect, it's not manicured, it's not gold class but it's home and even though I hanker to leave, I will miss it . . .I'll also miss it when strangers stop dropping in.

In the still of the morning . . accidentally landing in the back paddock!

Thanks Ribbon . . on this Thanksgiving evening, it's not just the Americans who should reflect on their good fortune.

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate and if anyone knows how to silence shrieking frogs please drop me a line! I won't sleep much tonight. I video taped them just to get a sound byte but can't find the chord to upload. Trust me . . siren's would be peaceful by comparison!


Roy said...

All good things to be thankful for, Baino! I envy you the living space and privacy.

No clue as to how to silence frogs. Sorry!

Mike said...

That was great! Sounds like a place that I would love to be. Of course you know that I am going to say that I am thankful for knowing you, but then that is a given! I love hot air balloons, by the way, blimps also!

Brian Miller said...

sweet shrieking frogs! what an amazing post baino...gave me warm are on my list of thankfuls today. thank you for your words and friendship. smiles.

wonderful pics too!

Kate said...

What beautiful memories you will keep from there - many things to be thankful for!
Peace and love my friend.

laughingwolf said...

yes, am always thankful for even the smallest blessings... latest is my pup, kenny :)

have a great weekend!

Ces Adorio said...

Oh I wish you could keep this land for a long time but I understand if you have to let go.

My dearest Baino, thank you very much my dearest friend for being a part of my life. Thank you for sharing your beautiful and handsome children and for your unwavering and kind words with each visit and each mail. Thank you my dearest Baino.


Colette Amelia said...

Wow! what a wonderful post and what a wonderful home!! Pity that those properties take so much money and upkeep to keep. Why not build some little cottages and start a commune of expat bloggers? I would love to come and putter around the paddock with you!

RLM Cooper said...

I agree with Colette. I'd love to come visit such a wonderful place. And... I have to tell you... that's the most beautiful bird I think I have ever seen. You are so rich in natural wonders. I wish you everything good, Baino. Whatever you do.

Renee said...

The parrots Helen are unreal. How beautiful.

You will miss your beautiful home.

Love Renee xoxo

Grannymar said...

Lovely memories!

No matter when or where you go, the memories go stay with you and they need no packing!

kj said...

baino, you've made me cry. there is something so tender about what you've posted here. it goes to the very heart of why we are alive, what we long for, how we love one another and the land where we take root.

i can tell you when i think of the short list of my dearest and truest friends, your name is always there. you have been a godsend to me. you shake me up, give me a kick, and then a tender word on top of it all.

i think you are a remarkable woman, a brave and gutsy woman. i love where and how you live. and the next chapter of the life of hells--well, i know for sure it will be good. and i will still be your friend and you mine.

thank you most sincerely.


Bella Sinclair said...

Ah, Baino. Thank you for that breath of fresh air. When things are not going as planned, it's so easy to overlook the positive and the blessings. Your property is a haven. I am dreaming about the beautiful colorful birds that peer at you through your window. And your incredible horses! They must bring such a sense of calm and peace when you watch them. Better than any bowl of goldfish, I say. Thank you for your sweet, sweet message and uplifting thoughts. I hope your finger is feeling much better.

Ronda Laveen said...

I can see why you love living there. The photos were great...all. But especially loved your horses and parot. Guess animals appeal to me.

Need to find out what the frogs predators are...that will silence their little frog butts.

Don't Bug Me! said...

You have hit nearly all the things that I am looking for right now - tha main ones being privacy and quiet (not the parties - don't like those, much too moisy). We cannot afford much land here - too close to Vancouver, and I think Mr. DBM and I are in agreement that we don't want to sink all our time and energy and money into too large a lot, but I really do hanker after some peace and quiet. As for the horse, well, I would quite like to leave next door to a couple. That way I can look at them, admire them, feed them polos, but not have to muck them out or pay any vet bills.

Michael said...

Well, here I was coming over to wish you a very happy thanksgiving, not expecting anything on it as you are In Australia, but lo and behold you've written one of the best Thanksgiving posts around! I love all the things you list, even those silly sexy frogs. You know, btw, in my house I didn't have a front door key either, for much the same reasons as you. not much crime here.

Anyway, I did want to with you a very happy t-day and tel you thank you for your kind comments and having a fun blog to visit. you add to my blogging experience and make it that bit more worthy.

sandyshares said...

paradise to me

steph said...


Loved that, you cool dude!

No worries. You've got your priorities right and I know you'll find fun wherever you go.


xxx said...

Simply beautiful....
I'm delighted that I instigated a little inspiration and you ran with it in the most beautiful way.

thanks for sharing.
Hope you win lotto and can buy your way to stay where ever you truely want to be ;)

love to you
x Ribbon

Susan at Stony River said...

What a wonderful house! I loved your list and photos.

Growing up, we had frogs in our back garden, where a spring turned into a swampy patch behind the trees. Some nights they were deafening, and my father would fire a shotgun in their direction. The noise would make them stop for all of forty seconds or so.
Good luck!

Sarah Lulu said...

What a lovely lovely gratitude list.

There are three parrots just like that having lunch in my garden as I type.


River said...

It's nice that you have so much to be thankful for.

nick said...

You've got a fabulous place there for sure, and full of wonderful memories as you say. How to silence shrieking frogs? Not a clue, you don't see many hereabouts.

Candie said...

what a wondeful post Baino!I hope to visit Australia one of these days!Must be wonderful and I love the horses!:)

Megan said...

I know that parrot photo! Still up on the wall in my office.

What a wonderful list. Have a great weekend!

lettuce said...

it looks wonderful - wish i could come and stay before you move on!

and a gardenia hedge, wow how absolutely gorgeous that must be

Rowe said...

Your place looks fantastic, Baino. Perfect for raising kids, indeed. Please give the adorable Laurie and Chippy a big kiss and a hug for me. Oh, they are so gorgeous. Sorry have no remedy for frogs. Any ideas for cicadas?