Sunday, September 30, 2012

Who knew? I have a life!

I guess I haven't been blogging that much because I felt that I really didn't have a very interesting life or anything fascinating to say. Until I started filing my photos on Flickr and realised that actually....I have quite a rich life and at least one or two extra curricular excursions beyond heading to Bunnings for house paint or doing the laundry.

 The past month has seen me meet up with bloggers VE and Wifey Poo, who managed a day in Sydney before a two-week foray into North Queensland. Despite the queues for the Ferry to Manly on a beautiful Sunday, we spent a few hours chatting, eating and walking just to keep the poor darlings awake (they arrived at 5:15am and couldn't get into their hotel until after 2!) Sorry, no photos since it was Wifey Poo's camera that took the shots so I guess you'll have to wait until they get back from their ballooning, white water rafting and shark dodging.

Last week met up with yet another blogger but since it's her fifth trip to Australia and the third time we've connected, Jenny is more a friend than just a cybername. Unfortunately, her visit was way too short and minus the lovely time folks, let's throw an oversized shrimp on the barbie.

Also caught up with a previously unmet friend of a Friend during the Sydney Writer's festival. The festival was rather coincidental but it made the Walsh Bay area in Sydney abuzz with activity and a few famous faces. Dustin doesn't blog but he's a fantastic photographer with a lovely e-book for iPad, check it out if you're into travel and stunning visuals.

On the home front, I've been feeding a skinny horse all sorts of magic potions and have just realised that the best weight gaining potion (as with people I guess) is vegetable oil. He's coming on nicely. Photos later when it's warm enough to bear the trickle of cold water down the inside of my arm - yes, he needs a bath.

Chickens. We have chickens. Not mine but when you live next door to the chicken owner, the birds do not know that my house is a no go zone. They're beyond tame and how a dog or fox hasn't nibbled them by now I'll never know, their only saving grace? Being locked up securely after dark. Shirley particularly, is my favourite.

Of course if you don't live under a rock, you know I've been spruiking the first short film to be made by a friend. It's now in post production and hopefully will be making the festival rounds before Christmas. It's been a learning curve for the filmmakers and a labour of love. If things pan out the way they should, Jeffscape will be bringing my digital copy at Christmas.  God knows they didn't get paid for it but I'm so proud of them and their efforts.

Of course there's been connections with the family. Now that I'm an empty nester, I hate not having my kids at home but they're around regularly or more likely, I'm around at their place regularly. Time for me to spill coffee on their carpet and eat them out of house and home.

So, pedestrian as it is, this is my life of working 9-5, engaging with family, farm animals, lunch and meet-ups. Until next time.

 Circular Quay Ferry Terminal...took VE and Wifey Poo to lunch in Manly. They paid which was rather nice!

Speaking of family connections, my niece in law is due in 2 weeks. How that huge thing is going to slide between those tiny hips remains to be seen!

Lunch at Ripples, Chowder Bay with my best friend in the world who yes, is marginally older than me at 56 already. Sucks to be you Thommo...(Oh hai...that'll be me on the 16th October. How did I get to be so friggin' old?)

 This is Shirley

And this is Dustin, with Clare of course....currently working on cruise ships in the Atlantic
And yes, Adam still cooks while Clare pretends to get her fingers dirty but the Pasta Machine has been getting a workout lately.

And last but by no means least, my beloved Sydney Swans nailed the AFL premiership. Happy doesn't cut it. I'm over the moon.


California Girl said...

Love to see you posting. Visited VE' s blog via your link. I'd forgotten how funny he is. Not sure why I stopped reading him unless he became too sporadic.

Your kids look great. Working on a cruise ship sounds interesting but I know how hard they work.

My sons leave for Hawaii Dec 5th and Brisbane one week later. I hope to visit one day & you & I shall have lunch & lots of drinks!

Siobhan said...

You have foxes over there!?

Roy said...

Hooray! A new BainoPost™!

Brian Miller said...

pretty cool that you have been able to meet so many people...and its funny how the tables turn once the kids are out as well and travel on helen...

Janice said...

Great pictures about the goings-on in your world. It looks like life is good. I wish I had chickens that would come to visit!

grannymar said...

Yea! I can comment again.
Life sure is busy for you right now, keep it that way and have fun.

nick said...

Yes, I was sorry to miss you, sweetie, but unfortunately there were major work commitments at this time of year that I couldn't wriggle out of. Hopefully I'll be back in Oz before too long.

I hope those meandering chickens have at least given you a few eggs to make up for the wilful trespassing....

Mim said...

Sounds like a busy full normal life missy! sound's good. and ha ha I'm older than you and haven't figured out yet how this all happened!

PattiKen said...

I always knew you had a life. Family, friends old and new to meet up with, and a chance to hang out with guys in toolbelts who blow things up? Not to mention visits from a chicken named Shirley... Sounds pretty good. I'm glad you are enjoying. And summer is coming!

kj said...

Oh happy day! So now you know!!

Hold on to that life, hells, the ups and downs and arounds and inbetweens.

To appreciate Shirley is a very very good sign of what's to come. Oh and Jeff at Christmas-- that too :-)

Love love

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

Oh how I LONG to spill coffee on one of my children's carpets! HA!

So good to hear you are up to much no good!!! ALL fun stuff in my opinion including Shirley and home made pasta as well!!!

Go Swans!

Tom said...

glad yur having a blast between work and pimping movies. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 60 for me in a couple of months. Don't know when I get my 'seniors card' but I think its then - then you know you've crossed the threshold into - ... not to think about it... just grab the concessions and run. You've got some fun photos on this post Helen - made me smile.

MedicatedMoo said...

Welcome back and well done to the Swannies - LC was gutted when the Crows lost to Hawthorn but barracked for the Swans in the grand final.

Shirley reminds me of Houdini, the rooster who was famous in our little Adelaide neighbourhood. He'd escape the pen every day to wander around quite unscathed before joining his girls in the evening.

Unknown said...

Is Shirley the chicken still alive today? Here in our country we have a pet hens too, But they don't last long as pet.. You know what I mean. I'm just kidding. I'm cheering for Swans here by the way. Go SWANS!!!

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