Friday, February 16, 2007

On the Scale of Things - I'm Somewhere Between the Dentist and a Hair Cut

I am not happy Jan . . . I have been relegated below haircuts, dentist appointments and workload and dogged for my regular Friday chardy lunch. I actually map out my day, allocate my time, work late if necessary to ensure that Thommo and I enjoy a leisurely lunch on Friday's, the only time we actually talk to each other without involving email. It's not a L-o-n-g lunch but we don't rush back when the hour's up unless we have to.

But no . . . Since January, we have had ONE lunch thanks to her skiing in Japan and last week, she attended a convention - junket I call it - and dogged me but that was OK cos I went out with Earth Mother, Butterfly Girl, Char and Themostannoyingparraplannerontheplannet, then this week . . . Thommo has to leave early to make herself beautiful for another junket dinner appointment. Next week it will be the hairdresser, the week after that the dentist . . . why do I bother . . . she's lucky I love her otherwise I'd be on the market for a new best friend who wants to have lunch and who can fit me into her schedule slightly above the next hair doo . . . am I bitter? mmm . . . I think so.

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