Friday, February 16, 2007

Shrove Tuesday

So 20 February is Shrove Tuesday. Pancakes for the Brits is definitely on the menu. Originally, it was a Scottish tradition to use up the leavened flour, eggs and other incredients before the commencement of lent fasting. And now, the fine art of pancake making is now worldwide because they taste so damn nice . . .and if I can remember the recipe, I might just crank out a few pancakes next Tuesday. They are one of the few cuisine items to which ClareBear actually does justice.

Decisions, decisions . . . pikelet type Scottish pancakes with butter and syrup?
Large and fluffy McDonalds style buckwheat flapjacks with maple syrup and whipped butter? Flat French crepes with lemon and sugar or something altogether more exotic?
Savoury perhaps? Chocolate filled? Fruity . . .

Yep, its the crepe . . . ultimately versatile, foldable in a number of shapes, sweet or savoury, simple and saucy - pronounced "crap" if in France . . .(you sort of have to say it in the French gutteral tradition and make sure the 'r' forms in your throat) I don't give a crap about religious traditions but you have to admit, the humble pancake is an extremely versatile food . . . have a go you mugs (at the actual thing, not the pronunciation) and try to flip it without it sticking to the ceiling.

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