Sunday, February 18, 2007

Team Cuisine

Last week's post re Richard Branson had me thinking I'd like to have a chat with him over a char grilled sausage . . .or maybe a steak, or fillet of chicken . . .perhaps a whole trout . . .ooops I digress. So it got me thinking, who would I invite to dinner if I had the option of 10 guests from anywhere in the world:

Richard Branson of course . . .(and he's prolly the only one that would actually come)
David Attenborough . . .love his docos but want to know about his wife and family - he must have them
Jamie Oliver . . well someone's gotta cook while I immerse myself in conversation
Keysar Trad . . .I want to know why he's the spin doctor for mad muftis
Al Gore . . .is An Inconvenient Truth true or the beginnings of an election lobby for the Presidential nomination (I thought he was unlucky the last time)
Johnny Dodge and Shifty Rob because I think the conversation would be lively and if I didn't like what they had to say, I could pretend I didn't understand their accents
John Howard . . . so I could vent my disatisfactioin at the red tape of government and his idiotic conception of global warming
David Suzuki . . definitely and environmental bent here but I want to know why farmed Atlantic Salmon is bad for the environment (it's always about the food)
Ken Kenichi . . . Iron chef Chinese so that he can learn how to prepare food from Jamie so that it doesn't suffer and perhaps let the Japanese know that Horse, Whale, Beche de Mer and Sea Urchin roe are not for human consumption (plus he'd be handy and entertaining if we wanted Teppanyaki - Japanese food fight over a BBQ plate)
Billy Connolly . . . we'll need some light relief after all the environmentalism and politics and he'd ensure it wouldn't be an early night . . .

Wow . . that's 10 already . . . might have to have another BBQ with the lads (interestingly no women in this collection, there must be some interesting females out there I just can't think of any . . . any suggestions?). Actually I'm rethinking John Howard . . .he's a downer!

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