Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Work is Like Pimple Popping

It's all action at work today. Themostannoyingparaplannerontheplanet has finally managed to ruffle the feathers of our lovely highly technical, precision minded, good-humoured, Polish born Argentinian super ParaPlanner . . . . their relationship has been festering (as has her relationship with many other members of staff) over the past 3 months . . .Funny isn't it, some people come into the workforce and settle right in, others immediately try to change everything. They're little irritations beneath the skin that start out a little sore, then become downright irritating before the bubble bursts and the pressure is relieved.

It's been three years of persistent change at work and now we're ready to implement all our fab databases, CRM's, processes, procedures and policies and in comes this irritation . . . upsets the most placid and in my mind proficient ParaPlanner on the planet and just about all the administrative staff . . . so today was massaging egos day for me but I came out a winner . . . fisticuffs averted . . . and hairs on the backs of necks also smoothed . . .I think things have come to a head, naturally ruptured and now we just need time to heal . . .

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