Sunday, March 04, 2007

Better late than . . .

This weekend is hotter than hell and the air is heavy with humidity. I can't walk out to the washing line without breaking into a sweat. Needless to say, there's nothing on . . . absolutely nothing. I've tried watching an old Stuart Whitman war movie, listening to Songs of Praise in Welsh and watching Anthony Calea's abyssmal attempt to sing Bridge over Troubled Waters. I'm not really keen on Chinese news and frankly, Asia Today is not doing it for me.

Here on my lonesome as usual on a Sunday. ClareBear is recovering from a big night at Mardis Gras somewhere else. DrummerBoy has gone to work with a hangover - damn that Yaegermeister and Red Bull . . .so it's me and me dawg waiting for the Sunday Arts show to start and sharing my computer space with a lacklustre labrador, three large eastern skinks and a couple of bull ants! Yep, they're everywhere the fuckers - my thongs haven't worked so hard in a long time. Must be the rain bringing the bastards in. Don't know if you've ever been bitten by one but they hurt - big time.

Anyway, nothing happening this weekend so I'll recap on last. Sunday was the quarterly reunion of old work colleagues and new friends Overall, Yummy Mummy, BikerGirl and myself. My turn to host the lunch. We caught up on Overall's recent trip to the US and all agreed that New Yorkers are arrogant and rude whilst the rest of America seems pretty sweet (unlike the ugly tourists you encounter overseas.) We decided that time out was the best way to discipline a clingy four year old and that at long last, Biker Girl's love life is springboarding into a whole new dimension. Food? Carpaccio of beef with mesclun salad and horseradish and seared tuna with pesto and caesar salad and a yummy lychee and blueberry fruit salad with a delicious dollup.

I love these girls. We're all so different but have a great time. Any lunch that last for six hours is a good one in my book. Just a shame that BikerGirl got knocked off her bike at the traffic lights on the way home . . .she's OK but I think the prospect of getting a car for these long haul trips is starting to appeal. Thanks babes, it was a blast. See you in the winter.

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