Sunday, March 25, 2007


Went to a good show last night. Richard Glover is an ABC radio personality who has a drive time radio show. I haven't listened to it for a while as I only live about 20 minutes from work and tend to listen to TripleJ these days, it's not a long enough trip to get into heavy 'issues' on talkback. Anyway, he has a segment on Friday afternoons called Thank God It's Friday - where he invites a load of 'personalities' and usually of the comedic kind to comment on issues that have arisen over the week. So . . .now he's reproduced it on stage.

Other celebrities on the panel included hilarious expat American Tommy Dean, Mikey 'I had more talent when I was fat' Robbins, Jean Kitson - satirist and comedian and Anthony Ackroyd the self-deprecating Tasmanian. It was great, and cheap! $32 well spent! Well it will be when I pay Thommo for the tickets!

Very funny apart from two small things which often persist in comedy 'shows' of this kind . . and I don't understand why. One is the need to get the audience to participate in a usually lame and mildly satirical song, the other is the customary musical interlude by some Australian burlesque has been - in this case the poor old Toni Lamond . . . this age old entertainer's main claim to fame is that she's Helen Reddy's sister - you know "I am woman hear me roar". Her much older sister. . . she should have come on in her dressing gown and slippers . . .now that would have been funny.

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