Friday, March 30, 2007

Burst My Bubble . . .

Just received some A3 frames for some promotional posters that I'm using in the boardrooms at work for a very creative campaign to get clients to refer other filthy rich people to our business I might add - sometimes I surprise myself . . . but wait . . the most exciting thing was the packaging. They all arrived wrapped in bubble wrap. Not the piddly little bubbles, no not the little bubbles but gargantuan big boofers, just waiting to be burst.

Fantastic, better than swearing out loud (another of my favourite pastimes - someone of my age should be more demure but hey . . . fuck it). Within moments four adults ranging from 24 - 50 are all playing touchy feely with these little pockets of air. Whilst the exhilaration was short-lived it was truly excellent. The only man present at the moment is a Polish Argentinian (not normally known for their robust sense of humour) who gave a wry smile but refrained from participating . . he likes to watch!

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