Sunday, April 01, 2007

Environmental Fundimentalism is an Oxymoron

You know, like army intelligence . . the oxymoron in this instance is that fundamentalist religion (and I include the pentacostals, evangelists and friggin' right wing Anglicism in that not just ratbag islamists) - is the direct opposite of environmentalism. Take this example, a colleague throws an empty durry packet on the ground rather than in a bin. Disgusted, I call him a tosser and make him pick it up. Totally confronted he goes on the back foot and says "Why should I give a shit about the environment. Jesus is coming, I'll be saved and all you fuckers will be left amidst your own filth . . ."

I certainly hope he's not indicative of many religious beliefs that there's no need to salvage anything on this planet because they're all going to be 'saved', or martyred and only the unbelievers and infidels will be left amid streets full of litter on a deforested, polluted and slowly warming planet. Thank God I'm an athiest.

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