Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pash On

What's in a kiss. Well there's that smooch that you get as a six year old from some unknown relative who notes how big you've grown. Usually combined with the chomping of crushed water crackers and a red lipstick burn on both cheeks and some voracious grab of the cheeks or ears that you just can't wait to get away from. Then there's the tuck in kiss, the one your parents give you religiously as a night time routine. A gentle peck accompanied by the tucking in ritual and 'blow the light out'. Then there's the pathetic "oh my darling" kiss when you're young and sick and having a cold is accompanied by vegimite on soldier boys and large glasses of Lucosade to stop you vomiting. Then there's the 'awful kiss' when you're told that your Grandad or Grandma has died but it doesn't mean as much to you as it does to them because they've lost a parent. As you age, there's the passionate kiss, the 14 year old who pins you against a tree whilst you're walking somewhere quiet and romantic. No sexual push, just that long lingering kiss where carbon dioxide makes you light headed and delirious. The one that makes you realise that kissing is so good, there's no need for sex. Then at 16 there's the 'serious kiss' the one that seduces you after three glasses of Blackberry Nip and coke and the older boy has devious intentions. It's hot, passionate but there's something else afoot and you're not sure you're ready for it. Not long after there's a series of kisses and you know exactly what's to follow but still you mark them 1-10. Sloppy, stiff, hard, meaningful, awful, too much tongue, not enough, wet lips, too dry, chemistry rising . . .experiment fizzed.

Then there's 'well this is IT" kiss. The one that scores a 10 and you're intent on keeping him. It's hawt - and that's enough said. Once you're married, it's the nuptual kiss. The peck on the cheek as he goes out to work while the kids are screaming for breakky, the 'are you awake love kiss' which is a precurser to only one thing or the 'sitting in front of the TV on Sunday kiss' which is the really romantic one that tells you how important you are. Not too long, not too lingering and with no expectations. Then there's the 'I'm so sorry kiss'. The one your father gives you when you've lost the love of your life, with the look of helplessness in his eyes but that look of undying love. The 'you'll always have us' kiss that your mother bestows on you with such strength that you can hear her jaw crack as she embraces you just that little bit too hard. Then there's the greatest kiss of all, the toddler kiss . . . innocent, unsolicited, usually sticky with ice cream or lolly goo . . .now that's special and even as my children are now in their 20's there's the 'don't worry' or 'I'll stick by you' or 'night mum, thanks for dinner kiss'. It's impossible to choose between them . . .I've never been a big kisser of strangers but I'm warming to the Italian once on each cheek kiss. I think the middle eastern twice on each cheek is a bit over the top. But no matter how you look at it, as life changes, so do the kisses . . .either way . . .they all have value and show you just how much you are loved. Long live the kiss. *schmack*


Kate said...

This post is BRILLIANT! Spot on. There's also the accidental lip-kiss you do with your best friend's boyfriend where both parties mean to kiss cheeks but pick the same side, leading to a messy-oops-sorry-kiss, dirty looks from said friend and icky-gross feelings from self.

Helen said...

LOL. You're so right. It's up there with the farewell after the theatre kiss with said boyfriend only involving the clash of teeth rather than the cheek peck it was meant to be.