Thursday, April 26, 2007

What Value the Mozzie?

What is the purpose of a mosquito?
Among Grandad's Questions to God he asked about the purpose of a wasp and it got me thinking. I can understand that a wasp has a duty in the pollination of plants and the control of bees but what about a mosquito? What possible use can they have?

There's nothing more annoying than that high pitched whine around your ear as you're slipping into the land of nod. Many a time I've chosen to whack myself on the side of the head rather than go to the trouble of getting out of bed and spraying the proboscis ridden annoyance to ensure its immediate demise.

We've spent a fortune on citronella burners and candles, fluorescent mozzie zappers which seem to only fry unsuspecting moths, surface sprays, plug in repellents, sprayed myself with Aerogard (an Australian staple personal repellent) but still the buggers keep coming. I've even tolerated the existance of 20cm Eastern Skinks behind my computer desk and a couple of 10cm diameter Huntsman spiders (hairy bugger below) on curtain rods in the hope that they like the tasty morsels but to no effect.

The Mosquito's sole purpose on earth apparently is to mate and the provision of sustenance for a myriad of other insects, birds and small mammals. The irritation of humans is just God's little joke. (He's featuring heavily this week).

. . . this leads to another question, if just one bite can be responsible for deadly heartworm in dogs and in humans, the transmission of West Nile Fever, Barmah Forest Fever, Ross River Fever, Malaria and Dengue Fever, how come they can't transmit HIV?


ClareBear said...

Their purpose in life is to make ours miserable. That's it. Or god had more spare parts left over from the daddy long legs and decided to make one more creature but didn't have time to give it purpose.

Baino said...

Clare, check out Grandad's post it's really funny.

Baino said...

Poor Fringelet, every time she stays over she ends up with a swollen welt on her eye, this morning her lip . . they love her.