Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Vale Virginia Tech Students

I can't let this incident go unposted. It's a tragedy and happens all too often in the US. Whilst the knee jerk is to blame the gun lobby, these shootings are always perpetrated by unstable minds who wherever they are . . .would be able to procure a gun. Our own Martin Bryant gave few clues that he was going to decimate the lives of so many at Port Arthur in Tasmania so many years ago, so how can we be prepared for mental instability no matter what country it's in. I can't do better than Kate's fabulous editorial post today. I feel so sorry for the families, boyfriends, friends and colleagues of those killed on Monday. It's a tragedy. My hearts go out to you all and may the wounded recover physically and mentally.

On a cynical note, George Dubya wasted no time catching the bus to Virginia? Bit different to the Katrina debacle!

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