Saturday, April 21, 2007

Avoid the Abstract

My horoscope this morning recommended that I not think abstract thoughts but concentrate on simple realities. So after I looked abstract up in the dictionary and realised that I didn't really understand the word therefore couldn't possibly write abstract thoughts down, simple creature that I am, I shall stick to the reality of my mundane Saturday:

  • Change the sheets and doona covers
  • Do about 6 loads of washing and peg it on the line after turning countless pairs of socks the right way out (that really shits me)
  • Dust and damp wipe all surfaces (except those in the kids rooms because I can't see any)
  • Clean the bathrooms and toilets
  • Vaccum and sweep the floorspace that is visible (again not an issue in the kids rooms)
  • Wash the slate floors (living areas and bathrooms)
  • Have a smoko and a cup of coffee with my sister and check the welfare of our horses
  • Come back home and crank up the leaf blower
  • Check that there aren't ducks fouling the pool, backwash and chlorinate
  • Throw out this week's recycle stuff (mainly empties)
  • Bring in the 6 loads of washing only to find that DrummerBoy has another load in the back of his car
  • Duck out to the shops for something for dinner (I usually eat alone on Saturday so it's an opportunity for something a little out of the ordinary) and of course the mandatory two bottles of bubbly and evening dose of cigarettes
  • That my friends is the reality of my Saturday and by this time, I'll be ready to check the blogs, pour a glass and relax.

Is this real enough?

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