Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Should Have Kept My Mouth Shut!

There are three Kahuna's who also own the business where I work. Two working full time, one semi retiring. In their wisdom, I use the term loosely, some reshuffling of responsibilities has taken place. There was no consultation, no analysis of workload just the assumption that we can reshuffle responsibilities within existing workload thanks to some pillow talk (TheBoss wife also works there) But 2 partners are at loggerheads. One wants a new Exec Assistant. The other wants to keep his girl and our salaried adviser wants to keep the girl she's got which spreads one Exec Ass rather thin. Looks like there just isn't enough to go around. So, Ms Sensible (again I use the term loosely) put together a proposal with four scenarios which would serve the purpose and hopefully keep the peace.

OK this seemed to work until the salaried planner and her assistant decided that the workplace is a democracy . . . got in each other's ear and didn't want to be separated. TheBoss folds and says they can stay together. The other Sgt Bilko has a major wobbly because he doesn't want to be shared. What to do . . . they decide not to make a decision until semi retired partner TheElderStatesman comes back from holiday. The most sensible of which seems to be:

Charmers does compliance and looks after one Partner (TheBoss) and the Semi Retired Partner(TheElderStatesman)
Butterfly Girl monitors all planner achievement against targets and looks after another Partner (Sgt Bilko)
We promote the SickieQueen and give her a planner of her own to look after (Earth Mother)and hopefully enough confidence to actually want to come to work instead of taking days off because she's stubbed her big toe or broken a fingernail.
I retain practice management and Marketing, and learn a little more on compliance

Just before Easter, the 'men' have a pow-wow and the resolution is:

Fold to the salaried planner and let her keep her girl (sooks, looks like it is a democracy)
Fold to the dummyspitting partner and give him a resource of his own
And the admin assistant? Well she just keeps what she's got and retains her obvious habit of taking sickies at regular intervals.

Here's the clincher. TheBoss rings me at home and asks, how do I feel about 'bringing the old team together' a euphamism for making me his gofer. Well, I can hardly object . . . a job's a job and I need it. I now support TheBoss in an Executive Assistant role as well as running the practice and Marketing . . . so when I return to work on the 16th, I have three Position Descriptions and not because I'm fantastic, not even because my multi-tasking skills are noticed, definitely not because of my charm and wit but because I made a stupid, stupid mistake and added myself to one of my own scenarios (I didn't think any of them would want me as an assistant . . . far too bolshy) . . . that's right, the fourth suggestion on my scenario paper was that I work for TheBoss . . .why oh why did I even go there? . . . I guess I brought it upon myself. So now I have the selubrious title of Executive Assistant Client Services, Marketing and Communications and Practice Manager, BA, JP (there aint a business card long enough). I'm an EEEEEEJUT!

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