Saturday, April 28, 2007

I Karnt Spel

It's not that I can't spell, I just type very quickly and hit buttons without checking stuff. It's the bain of my life. At uni, I used to lose marks for spelling errors, a bit cruel in a literature analysis or a biology essay I must say but my tutor was an author and spelling and grammar were her bugbears. I think she scarred me for life because even with spell-check things with an 's' get published with a 'z' in the American style. "our" endings get replaced with 'or' endings and I'm a gonner. Then again it's clear that u kan spel anithing rong in the Inglish languidge and stil be understud wich is probubly the onli languidge int he wurld wear that happuns withowt afecting the meening. I hav two do my woshing now.


Kate said...

I just read somewhere that as long as the frist and lsat lteetrs of a wrod are crorcet tehn yuor bairn can raed it.

At least, in English.

Baino said...

Ha ha . . so true! Glad you're up and about. I'm amazed that you can feel so poorly and still blog . . .yer a trojan!

Brianf said...

rilly R U sur dats rIt?
I knt Bleve U r fr rIll
that's harder than you would think it is. I type about 60wpm and as soon as I type a wrong key my brain makes me stop and correct it. I have to attempt to turn that off when taking a typing test or if I'm in a hurry.
Thank God for F7!

Baino said...

Lay off the 42 below and you'll type faster!