Saturday, April 21, 2007

Rock On

Joe Walsh, Rocky Mountain Way, George Thorogood Born to be Bad, The Who, Won't Get Fooled Again . . .and that show stopper B52's Love Shack . . .They'll get people on the dance floor . . . won't they? The CD launch playlist is under construction. DrummerBoy asked what songs he should load on his iPod after his band plays their launch live act in a few weeks because he wanted some dance music, something that 19 to 25 year olds would want to get their rocks off to - now that's a very specific demographic:

Me: "Adam, I'm 50 years old what do I know about dance music"
DrummerBoy: "Yeh but your cool, you know what chicks like . . "
ME; "Well better talk to your sister, her playlist is more doof doof"
DrummerBoy: "Ok but when we rehearse before the show will you stand out front and give us some constructive criticism on the sound levels . . "
Me: "OMG, I'm an ageing roady . . .I need a black T-shirt - testing, testing,
one two three . . ."


No seriously, I think we'll go for Panic at the Disco, Block Party, Gorillaz, Gotye, Chemical Brothers and maybe a little Hill Top Hoods . . . definitely no Sting . . Eric Clapton or ACDC (except maybe It's a Long Way to the Top if you Wanna Rock ' n' Roll ) which is affectionately known here as It's a Long Way to the Shop if You Want a Sausage Roll . . . I'm more in touch than I thought.

I once sought out an 'older person' at a Smashing Pumpkins concert and latched onto a grey bearded bikie because I thought I looked younger than him . . .


ClareBear said...

Um, maybe you guys should leave the list to me. Bit of Daft Punk, Dukes of Windsor Remix, Presets...I'll have em dancing

Baino said...

Mkay. You're the DJ. I'll just do the washing up.