Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hypocratic Oath

Just listened to my fave, well my only loaded podcast and among the topics were the environment, organic food production amongst other things. We're pretty green here, we use long life light bulbs, water saving shower heads, recycled water, I'm one of the few families that has only one TV, no air con and actually hangs clothes on a line instead of using a dryer. I'm a registered member of the Australian Conservation Foundation and Cool the Globe and last night we participated in Earth hour and it was fun. Sydney was asked to turn off all their lights for an hour a month which is the equivalent of taking 75,000 cars off the road for a year apparently if everyone participates. Restaurant's held candle light dinners and even the old oprey house and the coathanger were bathed in darkness from 7:30pm - 8:30pm. Gawd I'm good . . .

So why are so many people so ignorant or unwilling to participate in environmental initiatives. It's a small thing but if everyone participates in some small way surely it'll make a difference. But no, my neighbours, have their homes lit up like Christmas trees, a TV and Playstation in every room, air con running 24/7, use their hoses to clear their driveways, drive petrol guzzling cars. . . just like the bloody idiot in the previous post they don't think this will affect them.

Whilst I'm green, I'm not perfect. I don't buy organic food cos it tastes like shite and there are worms in the vegies and I'm not a vegetarian even though meat is murder (and I don't mean the Smiths album). I don't compost because I'm lazy (but I do recycle) and I'm sorry but the only way to kill mosquitos is to stop breathing out CO2 or use fly spray and since the first option isn't really viable, fly spray wins. So am I a hypocrite (not to be confused with a hippocrite) as well or just someone trying to do a little bit in my own way? Oh the dichotomy. I have to go and spray my weeds now before cooking a Sunday roast of rare roast beef. As long as I don't have to kill it, gut it or butcher it, that's OK isn't it? Bloody oath!

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