Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Big Chill

Well Easter was a big family chillax. Fantastic, ClareBear's friends went to Melbourne so she was a nigel, DrummerBoy's late night antics on Thursday and Friday saw him flake on the couch on Saturday and Monday so there was a lot of doonerage and I think we've exhausted the local video store's library. Sunday was family BBQ and Han-Nah's b'day and at sweet 19 of course there were the ring ins, the drop outs and the usual family members. Babysis isn't too well Krohns desease flaring up because she ate too much chocolate but NaughtyNeph and Maddie thoroughly enjoyed a very elaborate treasure hunt with lots of easter eggs and even the chocolate fountain made a reappearance. Thankfully, the refurbished glass tables held up and no shattering to be seen. Me? Not a chocolate fan but made up for it in Champers and cheesy bits. Good night generally with the first bonfire of the season now that it's getting cold. Dawgs appreciated the leftovers.

ThePrincess is limping again after a run in with AIDS dog who boofed her on the sore knee . . . I think the surgery was a failure. Back to the vet this week for a glucosomine injection and I suspect, more R & R or should that be $ & $.

OK so now I'm off for four days. The plan? Prune the plumbago which is threatening to climb through the bedroom windows, whipper-snip the front where the tractor cannot go, repair said tractor which is spewing some sort of liquid (not fuel), paint front verandah. Babybro had a go at rennovating but only did the bits his friends would see during his 25th Wedding Anniversary bash . . how fickle. So now I need to finish the rest, take ThePrincess to the vet, get a haircut - I look like the wild witch of the west and try to sleep in with ClareBear grudgingly crashing around the kitchen at 6.00am because she has to work and I don't! he he.

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