Saturday, April 07, 2007

Lazy Daze

It's raining in Sydney . . .an event more common than it has been in the past five years so a wet and cold Good Friday was the perfect opportunity for a family get-together. That is, three bodies draped over mattresses snugelled in doona's and watching a variety of movies, some good, some absolutely terrible. Amongs the do get list, Fast Food Nation but not if you don't want to know where your beef comes from and the Guardian - Coastgard rescue film. Among the horrors, Disaster - cheap animated attempt to compete with Team America and Casino Royale - sorry the Blond Bond is an idiot, with a cat's arse mouth and no charm. How can you have a bond movie without "Q" and special gadgets. Boring, convoluted, lacking in humour and anyone who thinks that lycra boxer swimmers are sexy is just getting out of budgie smugglers. The worse . . .*bless* Judd Nelson who is still trying to act after the Breakfast Club of the 80's and Suddently Seeking Susan . . . still hopeless in the pathetic Black Hole. So there. Others on the recommended list:

Charlotte's Web - Predictably schmulzy but very cute and who can eat pork after seeing Wilbur (bacon doesn't count)
Macbeth - Aussie Version - gotta love the Baird's plots, they're so easily translatable into modern times.

The evening was topped off with Chinese, honey chicken and lobster in black bean sauce . . . OMG, simply scrumptious and not a meal to be eaten in a restaurant unless you want to wear one of those silly seafood bibs.

So, vegie day over . . .time to get crackin' on other things.

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