Sunday, April 29, 2007

Guilty Pleasures

Kate answered some pretty telling questions about herself and has begun a sort of question ring with other commenters which should be much fun. Anyway, one of the questions asked of her was ‘What are your guilty pleasures?’. Although I read ‘What do you do that you really enjoy that you’re slightly embarrassed about?”

. .well it’s confession time:

I like Who Magazine. I don’t buy it but it’s the first one I gravitate towards in the hairdressers or the surgery . . . Hollywood gossip, pretty dresses, glamorous people.

Astrologyzone online . . . enough said

Dancing (I use the term lightly) on my own late at night. I crank up the music and off I go. Uncoordinated and wild but hey, my dog won’t dob me in . . .

Perving on young men . . . I like a good-looking bronzed labourer. There’s nothing wrong with looking! My mother used to say “A cat can look at a King”. There’s nothing like a nicely formed bod and buns so tight you can bounce ‘em off the walls. Much like men appreciate nubile nymphettes, I’m partial to a sideways glance at a younger man. (Mostly due to my delusional impression of myself.)

I don’t have a particularly sweet tooth but I’m the one who ‘cleans up the edges’ of a new ice cream container when I unpack my shopping. It has softened on the way home and just has to be tidied up before it’s put back in the freezer.

Once, after a failed attempt to make my own Caesar Salad dressing, I poured Cardini's Caesar Dressing all over the salad and to this day my sister-in-law raves about it. . . I have never confessed and felt a little guilty for taking the credit!

I watch Big Brother . . . please don’t think any less of me. It just happens to be on during the making-dinner timeslot when there’s little else to watch anyway . . . I told you I had voyeuristic intentions.


Brianf said...

Guilty Pleasures 'eh?
Ok, I have been known to go on and on about how much I dislike TV, in particular network TV but.....I watch 24 every Monday night.
I also really like commercials!!
Damn, maybe I shouldn't admit that in public. Actually I like well made commercials or odd ones. For the most part I HATE commercials but occasionally there are really great ones. Most recently there is a GAP commercial with Clare Danes dancing to the song "Whatever you can do I can do better". I love it!!!
The 42Below commercials that never made it to TV are really funny too.

Brianf said...
Here it is.
Clare Danes and some guy dancing.

Baino said...

You old romantic you! Always thought it fitting that the girls wear the pants!

Brianf said...

Romantic? Well yeah, maybe...OK so I am!!!! So WHAT???
It's still Clare Danes!!!
I have no clue who the guy is but c'mon....Clare Danes!!!!!!
I love that commercial!!!
And if Clare Danes wants to wear the pants.....well..... OK!!! As long as she looks that good!

Baino said...

Ha ha . . what an image you conjour - the fiery American Irish, good-humoured, squab huntin', music lovin',bike ridin', new age chocolate munchin', macaroni cheese eaten', recipe sharin', gun packin', vodka swillin' socially conscious enigma dressed in a baseball cap, swiss army boots and a frilly apron!