Thursday, January 18, 2007

It Skinks . . .

I don't understand why under my couch and the router at my PC are the favourite haunts of two 26cm Eastern Skinks. Whilst they're very pretty, shiny lizards - they're a little big for indoor living. I think they like to polish off the insect carcases around the bottom of the skirting board or sliding doors but if you see a little face poking out or a tail disappearing they can give you quite a shock! Not to mention the very characteristic skink scat which you don't wanna touch until it dries up . . . I'm sure they're not hygeinic and attempts to relocate them have been futile.

Every now and then I can hear Stressanny scream as if breathed upon by the breeding female in Alien . . and plead with DrummerBoy to remove the offending reptile via a Post Pack cylinder only to have it return within minutes. At least the Blue Tongue Lizard that I had in my shower had the courtesy not to return when relocated to a warm position under the pool coping.

This form of wildlife has made a happy home within the damp course of the brickwork,which of course is bone dry and so they venture inside for the cool and the bugs. I'd really prefer them to live under a rock! Indeed, nowhwere on the internet could I find a description of their habitat as carpeted North Western Sydney Loungerooms and home offices . . .I wish they could be house trained.

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