Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mr Fix It

DrummerBoy was never one of those toddlers that put toast in the video or screwdrivers in the power points. I never had a lockable baby gate, playpen or those childproof lock things on cupboard doors (You know the ones that adult's can't open but 3 year olds seem to have no problem with). So why, why, why . . .at 20 years of age does he now feel the need . . . no the overwhelming urge . . . to save me money by taking broken things apart and/or fix them then really botching the whole thing up.

In an effort to save me repair money and the service of my beloved blower, he has repaired a broken choke with a bit of Knead-It and cleaned the air filter. This in his eyes is a clever repair that sees the blower good as new . . NOT.

Then in an effort to repair a stuck five-stacker CD drive on my stereo he has demolished the entire unit and under sufference and loud objections finally put it back together so that the drawer doesn't close.

Even the rather weak epoxy in ClareBear's craft glue gun has been put to use in an attempt to hang a louvred door in the Bar - fell off within a week . . . still off 4 months later . . .

Lord save me from Mr FixIt . . . There's a reason why people make a career out of electronics, building and motor repairs . . . they know what they're bloody doing!

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