Wednesday, January 24, 2007

No News is . . . well . . . No News

Well, the blog has been ignored for some days . . . a symptom of the exhausting heat we had last weekend which saw me lob at my sister's place and languish watching Lemony Snikketts Series of Unfortunate Events because she has aircon . . .note to self . . .aircon is more important than dental care.

The blog has also been ignored due to a completely lacklustre week in terms of events apart from ClareBear achieving her first full time position as a qualified Graphic Designer with Australian Radio Network. She loves it, nice studio, great people and a prestigious account to boot. Mainly graphics for competitions and events which are uploaded to their many and varied websites but some printed stuff as well. Congrats darling . . you did good to survive UNSW.

Tomorrow ThePrincess goes back for her followup xray and I don't think the news is gonna be good. She's not putting weight on the leg after 10 weeks and should really be almost ready to let off the lead. All because of a 30 minute mad race around the verandah one morning when I was caught off-guard. I'm hoping it's the vet's fault for mis-measuring the pins in her metal joint and maybe one's come loose and he can fix it - for free of course. If not, it could be another month in the sin bin poor puppy . . . and it's providing me with the perfect excuse not to walk in the mornings . . .What? Take a walk without a dawg . . . it's just not done.

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