Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Old Boiler's Road Trip

So, what do two old boilers do with a free day during the Christmas Break - go on a road trip of course. However, these days, it's no freewheel up to Byron, not even an overnighter at Toukley nup, just a day trip to Norah Head and beyond. Thommo had to drop her daughter at the boyfriend's holiday camp at Camp Breakaway - 52 Maori's camping out - more tattoos than Chopper Reed at that place. So once dropped - the gals take the scenic route home, check out the lighthouse, bypass the Entrance and do what most civilised road trippers do . . . have lunch by the sea at Terrigal. Very nice Seafood plate, a Macadamia and white chocolate cookie and a couple of chardy's later and we take the short haul home. All in all a very noice day and back for bedtime. We also showed great restraint by not dropping into a single shop other than the Glenorie organic fruit stall - nice strawbs!

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