Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What's All the Fuss About

New Year's Eve . . I never really got it other than another excuse for a pissup so close to Christmas, I'm still nursing my hangover from Christmas Day. I guess in the past I've had my share of shindigs but over the last couple of years it's been a quiet night, usually with Thommo or BabyBro.

Seriously tho, it's not a night I really care too much about. If there's an invitation to party, I'm up for it but if not, I'm quite happy with my own company, a bottle of Moet and a seafood platter for one. This year was no exception. It wasn't the lack of festivity that really got up my nose, it was the total lack of invitations! I could have gone to the Engineer's but that's miles away and would have meant staying sober or sleeping in the car . . . the Merry Widow did invite me over but with just the two of us, it didn't seem like the most cheery option and I like to end the night in my own bed these days. And that was it! Thommo went to a formal dinner with friends, Stressany was pissed by 7:30 and so stayed home with BabyBro and had an early night, ClareBear went over to Manly with mates and DrummerBoy danced the night away at the Art House so it was me and me dawg . . . Moules Bon Helene and fireworks on TV. This year's resolution . . . get invited to more than two New Years Eve events next year!

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