Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I'm Back

Back after a dingle with a router which has seen us offline for over a week. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you all. Christmas at the Baino's was tops. This year we broke with tradition and held our Christmas on Christmas Day rather than Christmas Eve. With no boyfriends, girlfs or inlaws to visit on Christmas Day it seemed the sensible option and allowed BabyBro to play golf and party hard.

The theme - Kitch - complete with tacky T shirts, silly hats and bouncing santa's . . . Babysis came up with the goods and provided Red Aprons for Santa's Little Helpers and an adequate amount of Santa Snow so that we could stencil the sliding doors in the pool room with equally tacky Christmas motifs.

The whole family was in attendance including Bec from Melbourne and the musical Freddie. Day started with Daquiris and gifts, progressed to a feast of baked ham, salads and the chocolate fountain with fruit and marshmallows - by the end of the night the table looked like a blood spattered murder scene thanks to LittleNeph who flicked chocolate from here to kingdom come with a skewer in an attempt to finish every drop.

Much champagne and hilarity followed by the gift of the day, an electric buzzer game. Hold the handle, press the button when the light goes green or you get a shock. Kept the lads amused for hours - well into the wee hours actually, I had to tell them to go to bed at about 2am.

The most explosive finish to the evening was when I removed a bottle of champers from the glass tabletop of one of our outdoor settings and the whole thing smashed to smitherines. No pressure, no drop, just simply collapsed with bouncy Santa dancing amongst the shards of glass and spilled red wine! Bummer . . fortunately there were witnesses - it wasn't me honest.

Check out the pics

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