Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Chocolate for Charity

I did make a couple of New Year Resolutions besides the one to actually enjoy New Year 2008. In past years, actually about the past 19 years, I've resolved to get thin, get laid and give up smoking . . . none of which have actually come to pass to my satisfaction so this year I went for something different . . .to walk the dog every day (my idea of exercise beyond walking to the fridge or making the bed) . . . make vegetables and seafood my friends (not difficult given the price of meat in Oz at the moment), not to drink alcoholic bevvies mid-week and then maybe slowly move on to drinking only when I go out. This last one is indeed an economic measure. I calculated that I'm probably spending about $600 a month on cigarettes and booze. Your average pack costs about $11 and a passable bubbly about $12 - 15 per bottle . . . . . no wonder I'm redrawing on the mortgage. So . . . in the interest of keeping the peace with my co-mortgagee BabyBro, Plan B has been activated.

Only one small problem in the indulgence stakes - . . . how do I deal with the charity chocolates on the reception desk. Little scrumptious mini-Snickers and Milo bars, not to mention the almost healthy sounding Summer and Nougat Rolls but my faves . . . Tim Tams . . .aw gawd . . . I love one with my coffee! Over the past year, I've dutifully whacked in my $10 a week to raise funds for MS without taking my full quota of chocolate but in 2007 . . . I'm sorry but there will be no chocolate . . . just charity . . . As one of my colleagues pointed out, I can still put the kish into the jar without eating the chocolate . . . Ahh such is life. I'll be good until Easter.

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