Monday, January 15, 2007

Get the Jump On 'em Jason

Some time ago, BabyBro and a group of Indy 500 watching mates, sat satiating their thirst on the Balcony of the Gods on Queensland's Gold Coast. Someone perhaps more inebriated than the rest suggested they go shares in a grehound and the die was cast. That was the day that Go BlackTeddy (nicknamed Jason by his trainer) was purchased, raised, blooded and duly raced. Now at three years of age and lots of TLC later he won his first TAB race in Newcastle. Go you good thing . . . The owners syndicate, now officially "The Balcony of the Gods" are backing their boy to earn a bit more for them this year now that he's got his TAB points.

I did have the opportunity to see him come third at a regional race, despite a torn thigh muscle but never thought he'd be much more than a short-term obession destined for the green dream or greyhound rescue to be rehabilitated for rehoming (as long as you don't have chickens, cats, rabbits or anything small that can't run too fast!). I did offer to take him in the event he 'broke down' again and couldn't be rehabilitated, what was I thinking? Anyway, for now, we can bask in his glory -

Go Black Teddy - we knew you could do it.

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