Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Armchair Radical

I have become an armchair radical, not something I'm proud of but I'm just looking for the right vehicle to become involved. I could train my princess to be a companion pet and keep little children and the elderly happy or clean up Australia once a year or join a tree planting group but I want to make more of a contribution.

I'm outraged by Guantanamo Bay and the treatment particularly of David Hicks. Five years imprisoned and only now does he face a kangaroo court and bogus charges when prisoners from other governments have been transferred home and many set free. I watched SBS our multicultural channel last night an the injustices received by an Al Jazeera journalist, detained for 2 years, deprived of liberty, food, comfort and his beloved Koran which was unjudiciously flushed down the toilet in front of his eyes. Hey, I work with a bunch of radical Christians that would declare open war if someone did that to their bible or peeled their bloody fish decal off their car. How does a middle class, widow, mother of two and woman of modest means get involved in something more than feeling powerless to do anything. I lobby via the internet, I'm a chronic letter writer but feel that I'm really nothing much more than an armchair radical with a load of strong opinions and a bucket of good intentions. I am a prime example of good people standing by while bad things happen . . . any suggestions?

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