Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Election Problems

Yep, viagra aint gonna help this one . . . no cialis ingestion will help me here . . . it's our State Election in NSW on Saturday and I haven't a clue who to vote for. I'm socialist by nature so the current Labour Government seems OK except they're driving the state into debt with poor policies and lousy spending practices and because Australia has a wholly labour state government and a Liberal federal, the meeting of the minds is damn near impossible, even on bi-partisan issues such as water management. Or there's the liberals . . .mmm don't go there but maybe it's time for a change . . .there's the Outdoor Recreation Representatives who like four wheel driving, shooting, riding in national parks, fishing in protected areas etc. Or, there's the No State Parties Party who are trying to abolish local government altogether and centralise control in Canberra. This spurred me to check exactly who was registered:

The usual suspects
Australian Democrats
Australian Labor Party
Australian Liberals
Australian Nationals

The less well-known
Australians against Further Immigration - because we know the .28% Lebanese community are all terrorists and the Chinese are taking over our selective schools

Christian Democratic Party - because atheists aren't very democratic. God's law rules and gay people are bad mkay

Horse Rider's Party
- I like that one but I haven't actually ridden a horse for 4 years . . .and their poo makes a mess of national park habitat apparently - not half as bad as wombat holes!

One Nation - yeay, I can convert that old white sheet into a sexy pointy KKK Hat - Ploise exploine

The Fishing Party - because fish is good for you - even the little teeny weeny ones and the really, really rare ones

The Shooters Party - because guns don't kill people, people do

Save our Suburbs - another bunch of extremist right wing let's-put-a-fence-up and start a vigilante group to keep the delinquents out ratbags

Socialist Alliance - now we're talkin' - free public transport - staged withdrawal from Iraq - up for controlling climate change - I'm beginning to like this bunch even though they don't have a snowflakes chance in Hell of getting a candidate up . . .

Then again, I live in a blue ribbon liberal electorate controlled by raving pentacostals so my vote just cancel's out one of those right wing ratbags attempt to gain power . . . ha ha . . wouldn't you know it, they haven't got enough funds to re-register their party!

Now I'm decisive and empowered . . . I don't think the Socialist Alliance would have been represented at my Liberal dominated polling booth . . . and I'm damn sure they wouldn't have a "How to Vote" card so I'd have been stuffed anyway.

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