Friday, March 30, 2007

I Thrive on Recognition

Recognition . . I love it! Rare but very flattering. Yeay. Someone across the Tasman is interested in the unintellectual ramblings of a hormonal grumpkin in Oz. Now I feel super spesh after being linked to NZPubcast. But don't tell anyone, their subscriptions are getting so popular that they'll have to start paying for their server space and that would mean dipping into valuable beer cash (or is that cache). It's an exclusive club and despite offending one of its main contenders this week (sorry Dodge) they've kept me up there. It's great to feel wanted but now I have to lift the humour level, become slightly intellectual and God forbid, start drinking beer!

I think not . . got a nice bottle of Bolly off the boss for running a good Seminar this week . . .much more to my taste and another piece of recognition . . c'mon cloud nine!

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