Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tell Her She's Dreamin'

As you may or may not know, the QM2 and the QE2 will both be in Sydney today, passing literally as ships in the night and what a furor they've caused. A flotilla of yachts escorted them in, the public have lined the foreshore for a perve and some were even lucky enough to get on board to meet friends and crew.

I'm researching our Autumn Newsletter for work and inspired by these two big queens, thought I'd do something about journeys - literal, personal, financial . . so whilst I've been researching the nature of journeys I've also been envying the Balmoral Suite aboard the QE2 and indulging my travel fantasies - rich for someone who hasn't even got a current passport. Still . . . Maybe I'd be better cruising the second time round . . .the first time was when I emigrated to Australia as an 11 year old and spent four days spewing into the Bay of Biscay before we reached the relative calm of the Canary Islands . . .Ive never been game to cruise since.

I've also been checking the itineraries available through US agents R Crusoe and Son who arrange for bizarre private flights and off-the-beaten path luxury tours to the wonders of the world such as Machu Pichu, Easter Island, Cambodia, Luxor and more all aboard your private jet and staying at the world's most exclusive hotels.

Then there's the ultimate holiday, one where the journey is everything. Richard Branson's
Virgin Galactic flight in 2009! Seriously watch the movie it's surreal What a blast!

So, at what cost? 250,000 for the Balmoral Room and an 80 day all inclusive trip (plus I'd be a non-resident after that time and wouldn't have to pay any tax). About the same for a blast into space for 20 minutes on Mr Branson's rocket ship . . .and a little less to find out about the wonders of the world on a R Crusoe Private Journey, my own private jet and posh hotels . . . Oh I wish they'd take Monopoly money . . .

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