Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Silent Treatment

I already have one boss who refuses to speak to me unless spoken too, simply because he's rude and we've all come to accept that its just the way he is. He does all his communicating via email (and copies everyone especially when a mistake has been made). Unless I actually knock on his door and broach a subject, I doubt he would ever speak to me. I have another boss with whom I have always had an excellent relationship but lately . . . it's the silent treatment. Not because we've had a falling out . . . more that he trusts me to get on with things and he's also a one job at a time man so being absorbed with clients doesn't permit his brain to extend to any other task. I think men are like horses and spend 75% of their brain capacity on one task and the rest on normal body functioning (Horses spend 75% of their brain capacity on using their legs by the way)

As an experiment, I resolved at the beginning of the week not to speak directly to either these august leaders - just to see how long it would be before a conversation emerged . . . well it's Wednesday . . . nothing, nada, zip . . . not a good morning, not a goodbye, not a single spoken word. And the point of the exercise? Absolutely none other than to prove 'a' point. Care factor zero on both sides I guess.

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