Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Less is More

Not much time tonight, it's been ballistic and I've just got time to do something between demi glazing onions and adding Thai curry Paste:

Absolute Vanilla: (and whatever that chook is called). Chin up, get well the flu sux. Hugs all round
B3N: Where are you? Given up blogging?
Kate: Nice to have you visiting but where on earth did you get the time to write such a huge list! Maybe that's something I should do on Tuesday evenings
ClareBear: Nice start to a blog . . .even if it is a bit premature . . . Do they have internet cafes in Equador?
Grannymar: What would I do without you. . . I hope the walls aren't talking back and I'll listen to the Podcasts on Saturday.
Grandad: Glad you found your brain . . Guess what . . last night they had a doco on the Rose of Tralee. Apparently last year was won by a Queenslander and this year by an American . . .time to get your gun out.
Wordnerd: Whatever you do DON'T agree if Miss Priss asks you to match every dollar she saves to buy a pony . . . trust me, I'm really over this lunchtime feeding biz.
Jefferson Davis: Where are the kilos of craic? You have a 'parlour' how quaint. Can I come into it sometime my little spider?
K8: Please come over and clean my windows. I promise I'll put all the huntsmen in a jar and mail them to Daz and double spray the doggy snot with Windex
Kahlerisms: You've got 24 hours to change your mind . . .otherwise, your couch is mine *evil laughter*
Johnny Dodge: You play that trick again and, and, and . . .I'll fall off my chair laughing. I had no idea who it was for about 30 seconds until you snickered. Oh for and everyone else "John is Cool"
Nonny Mouse: Love yer work. Keep yer knickers on.
Brianf: Glad you're feeling better, get some fresh air, eat your greens and stay away from that rich food . . oh and pumpkin isn't just for pigs
Benchwarmer: Update your blog! And I think it's your shout for lunch
Daz: I'll stay up till 10:30 just in case. If I was your Digs Mummy I'd make nice lunches for you and a thermos full of caffeine.
Thommo: You'd better be available for lunch on Friday, I have so much venting about TMAPITW!
Merry Widow: Thanks for the email and I'm glad you're having a blast. L- o-o-o-n-g Lunch on the 12th! Although Ocean One has been bought by the Tandoori Sizzler so the seafood platter might be doused in cardomon.

Oh and thanks to all of you for your thoughtful, funny, entertaining, heartfelt and rude comments. I wake at about 6.00am and log in to check out comments and take a peek at your blogs. You get me going in the morning. *Bless*


Grannymar said...

Nice way to deal with comments and introduce us to your friends at the same time.

Kate said...

The list has been brewing for a few months, so the first night I was able to sit down and bang out 60 of them - more a case of just not letting my hands slow down the train of thought, by then. It helped a lot to have categories... sometimes I needs a bit of focus.

Then the last 40, I sat down with a few friends online and my husband and another friend here, and we banged 'em out, slowly and painfully but all at once. I'm telling you, it was all a bit of a compulsive process, but it makes me happy.

When it doesn't make me feel a little overwhelmed and crunched for time, that is...

Kate said...

P.S. You've been tagged. Just so's you know.

Daz said...

Could you buy me an Xbox 360 Core System and a TV so I don't have to drag mine up to Dublin?

Jefferson Davis said...

I could use an XBOX 360 for me parlour. :)

I'm workin' on it, I swear! :)

(Grumbling, JD opens up Audacity and a montage of audio files to edit.)

Nonny said...

Nice I do not believe I have seen another Blogger take such an approach, innovative blogging, I like it.

Baino said...

GM: You're darn right, we're just one big happy family here in Bloggsville

Kate: Beat you to it with my Nepali Tantra but I really must get into the habit of list writing, I always forget something essential when I shop.

Daz: Dahling . . you're supposed to be furthering your education, not playing Halo3

JD: Parlours are for entertaining friends, eating beluga and lots of nibbly bits washed down with a nice bottle of Bolly. Only after you've edited the last and planned the next Podcast tho!

Nonny: Thanks, I pride myself on my pedestrianism and normality so to be innovative is something of a pleasant shock. Pressure is on yet again to raise the bar.

ClareBear said...

Hmm, premature...126 days isn't premature!! Woooohoooo! I'm sure there will be internet cafes, I'm not going to Uranus!