Saturday, September 08, 2007

Friends with Benefits

I haven had it for a while. Not regularly anyway it tends to be casual, a special occasion thing. But when I do I like ambient music, a warm room, soft hands, low lights. I used to be comfortable doing it fully naked but as my body image declines, I prefer doing it whilst semi-covered beneath the blanket and clean white sheets. I'm over the days of doing it on a bed, chair, couch or even on the kitchen bench. I like it to linger . . . half an hour just isn't enough, less than 90 minutes full attention or I'm just not satisfied.

I love the spiralling motion of it, the sensuality, the quietness, the fragrance, the woosiness - it's better when he doesn't talk and if he must, his voice must be low, dulcit, gentle, swooning - I love the touch from toe to forehead, both hands smoothing and silking their way along my aching form . . .then, when its all over, my muscles ache not from pain but pleasure, warm and worked but not sore. There's no deep and meaningful conversation, just a moment of sleepy privacy to get dressed and leave. No requests to move in, no pressure to get up first and put my face on . . . no talk of relationships, no commitment or harassment and that means no hurt or disappointment for either of us . . . In fact it was so good, I might go back tomorrow . . yep, it's a deal, a good arrangement . . . nothing like an aromatherapy massage to refresh the body and soothe the soul!


Grannymar said...

Bet that got all those guys out thewre goin!

Even little old me took pleasure in it!

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

You saucy thing, as grannymar said, bet you had the boys panting and dribbling over their keyboards!

Nothing better than pampering of that ilk - very often far better than that other stuff.

Baino said...

Haha . . nup. I think it was too sensual for the blokes that read this blog! They're more in the "Are you awake love . . ." "ooh baby . . " bracket judging from the lack of comments. Hehe!