Thursday, September 20, 2007

Three Americans, Two Irishmen and an Australian walked into a bar . . .

Jefferson Davis (and yes that's one of his real names) has a podcast. He's a poetic and creative, sensitive southern American (thats southern states not the hersute Colombian type). He says 'Yes maam" and "How are you sir" then goes and beats the shit out of some interloper because they insulted his girlf. But don't be misled by his politeness, he has opinions - strong ones and get those hackles up and he'll reveal all. He's had a podcast for a long time. Long before I joined the Blogosphere. He and a ratbag redneck gunslinger IT geek with a heart full of mush and a mind full of opinions started it ages ago. They roped in a 19 year old angry Irish lad with an intellect and humour that still surprises and thrills me on a daily basis and then a mature gentleman with a penchant for shooting tourists or directing hikers towards the bog who also has a soft accent, a popular blog, and a droll sense of humour that renders me giggling in the early hours. Damn this time difference. I shouldn't be laughing at 6.00am.

There's another participant that I don't know at all well, he says little but is a close relative of JD's and I think he takes it all in . . . maybe waiting for the right moment to make a poignant point or maybe we just don't talk enough about cars. I think he'll make his presence known over time . . .

So as a newcomer and guest participant with this motley crew, I have found myself as part of the once-known Jefferson Davis Podcast. (Damn you Johnny Dodge for linking me) Soon to be renamed and relocated Kilos of Craic. Now my point? Well the new site, as yet unadvertised has a great name. Kilos of Craic (sometimes its measured in milligrams but when you get a kilo of it . . well worth the wait) and on a good night it is indeed funny, elucidating and informative. On a bad day, it's a bunch of cross-continental idiots talking complete crap . . . and saying "Are you there? Are you still here? Have you gone offline?" Even that can be funny if one of us smashes a champagne glass or brings up an hilarious reminiscence.

My problem, the tagline for the site. Ok we all voted and love Kilos of Craic but . . . it needs an erudite description of exactly what the thing is about . . .the trans-oceanic ramblings of time challenged lunatics? An old git, a young git, an upside down git and a few American gits who just don't git it? So . . . . sorry Jefferson but . . we need a tag that's gonna really reel em in . . . or more importantly make us laugh 'cos basically I don't give a shit who listens . . I just have fun doing it . . . so here's a synopsis on the participants for those who haven't heard it:

Baino: Rants blithery about things antipodean, insults Americans and smashes glasses because the time difference means she's pissed when they record late on a Saturday night Aussie time.
JD: The ultimate adjudicator, owner of the Podcast, recorder and editor who manages to make a silk purse out of a sows ear
Dr Don: Who knows? Southern relative of Mr Davis that says little but takes it all in. I have a feeling he'll be more involved over time.
Brianf: Can talk the leg off a chair, talk under water - but always has something reminiscent, patriotic or policitically challenging that can set the agenda (and a heartful of mush for a gunslinger)
Grandad: Softly spoken Wicklow type, erudite, cutting edge and sometimes just plain silly with the best cooked breakfast description I've ever heard . . .
Daz: Used to be angry until he got back on the Rugby team . . .now he's just plain boofhead, impetuous, intelligent, incomprehensible (due to his total reluctance to buy a decent microphone) and impatient . . .if it doesn't happen when it's supposed to . . . he's got better things to do than play with us c**ts (his words not mine).

So . . the new podcast has been recorded but not yet posted. Apologies JD but I think we need some creative input. I'm an itinerant. If there are more than five, I'll take a back seat but . . . we need a tag line that reflects the ramblings, twitterings, warblings and wankings that make us smile (and hopefully some of you) each time we post. Any suggestions?

Kilos of Craic - . . . . . . . . . . .(complete the sentence)


Grandad said...

"Guaranteed to get up your nose"

Jefferson Davis said...

Kilos of Craic...What are you smokin'?

Kilos of Craic...More addictive than Crack.

Kilos of Craic...A couple of mates in all sorts of states.

Kilos of the beaten track.

Aww...Thanks for the link, Baino. :)

Daz said...

Like I said, somewhat more enjoyable than a kick up the balls.

Daz: Used to be angry until he got back on the Rugby team . . .now he's just plain boofhead, impetuous, intelligent, incomprehensible (due to his total reluctance to buy a decent microphone) and impatient . . .if it doesn't happen when it's supposed to . . . he's got better things to do than play with us c**ts (his words not mine).

1) What the fuck is a boofhead?
2) Technically the squads haven't been picked yet, but here's hoping ...
3)As you know the Angry Dome was frankly a pile of shite;
4)I waited forty-five fucking minutes for you all to get going while NZ were kicking seven colours of shite out of Portugal;
5) Finally, thanks. The last line doesn't make me look like a pervert at all.

Nonny said...

That a tuff one I'm heading to the pub in a half hour I'll see if i can get a few ideas for you.

Baino said...

GD: Seems to get up some people's nose . . might work.

JD: Keep workin' on it pal and you're welcome

Daz: Lighten up! So I took a little literary license.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Is this a closed shop or can the rest of us mere mortals butt in too?

On the basis that not everyone knows what craic is, let alone how to pronounce it - let's face it craic looks more like crick or crake than crack and not everyone has a grasp of the old language... you might just want to mention somewhere that fun is involved and being pissed is generally a prerogative and a grand thing to do.

Now, when's this infamous podcast going to air?

Baino said...

AV: Certainly not a closed shop we need all the help we can get! I'm amazed. You've been visiting JD and Brianf all this time and never listend to a podcast? They are silly, lame, and it helps if you know a bit about history cars and Ireland(I know nothing about any of those so I just drink a lot and interject)
Craic . . mainly because of the Irish influence and Brian and JD's desire to connect with their Gaelic ancestry.
Next one? Depends on JD's ability to tear himself away from photographing squirrels . . .I'll link you in when it's posted.

Daz said...

The question was what is a boofhead though.

You could be calling me a dildo for all I know.

Brianf said...

yo Dazzy,
Even I know what a boofhead is!
Bof is a french word meaning.....yea, right or whatever. the brits took it and transmutated it to boof...kinda' meaning...whatever. Over the years it has lost it's nasty meaning. A boofhead is a term of endearment meaning something along the line of lunkhead or bonehead or knucklehead.
Don't feel bad, apparently I'm a ratbag redneck.

Baino said...

Actually Boofhead is not insulting, it's just something that comes across better when spoken . . .Boofy . .is beefy . . .a rugger ref for my rude little c**tmeister. Now toughen up you two . . .you give as good as you get! I didn't mean to offend although dildo could be deemed more 'useful' than a boofhead. And that's all I have to say about that!