Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Two Words that Rock My World - 'System Rebuild'

A conversation you don't want to have outside a disaster recovery simulation:

Him: The Legislative Update script has a flaw and is causing the server to keep rebooting before the desktop builds
Me: Um well call COIN and get a resolution
Him: I'm analysing the disks now so the server will be down for about 2 hours, I should be able to find the offending file.
Me: Ok everyone, might as well take an early mark. We won't be up until after close of business
Him: It's no good. I have to do a complete . . . .system restore . . .
Me: That's OK we can retrive data from the tape
Him: Um . . .the last successful backup was last Thursday . . . do you have any floppy disks?
Me: *floppy disks? WTF*

Actually, it was slightly more technical than that . . .the upshot. . . total system REBUILD of our 2003 server. He is still at work reinstalling. I am at home having hot flushes and working out how to explain this to a staff that have no interest in IT, are completely blindsided without an operational server, no understanding of it's idiosyncracies and wondering why the last four days data has gone screaming off into the ether like Darth Vader after a brief conflict with that Skywalker chap! I don't know who to blame . . .Microsoft, Him or . . I'm having a nervous breakdown . . . .



Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Oh the joys of technology... doesn't it scare you just a little bit how dependent we've become on it...
As for who to blame, that Vader fellow looks like a good one to shoot down. Want to borrow my light sabre?

Grannymar said...

I suggest you take the remainder of the week off.

Jefferson Davis said...

This is exactly why I decided to do a cold reboot, reevaluate my files, and never ever get into the IT Biz! I'd be the poor sod sitting in a dark room, and having to slamm the "F*" key to agree with Bill, in order to install Server 2003!!!! :)

Server 2003 and myself are quite knowledgeable with one another. :)

Poor Sod!

Baino said...

AV: you have a light sabre, I'm impressed! Weild it at that naughty cat next door!

GM: No need to log off just yet. He did it! . . He rebuilt and restored all the data too, dunno how. Poor geek was here until 5:25am when he messaged me to say he'd finished. (Yes the little shit woke me up at 5:25!). Now we have to work out what caused the problem so it doesn't happen again. That means full backup on Friday and run it again on Saturday, I hate working weekends.

JD: Show me the F**k key! Then again, I think I've been pressing it for ages.

Nonny said...

O Baino I feel for you, we are installing a new accounting package next week and i'm dreading it. I hope it goes well for you.

Brianf said...

As long as there are office workers like you and IT guys like him, who work all night. I'll never run out of work.
IT instructors ROCK!!!

Baino said...

Nonny: Yep, it's stressful pretending that you know what you're doing

Brianf: Yeh, you and undertakers you techno smug-ass. . .isn't there a saying - those who can 'do' those who can't 'teach'. Touche! I win!

Brianf said...

Not really Technogirly!
I have been there and done that. I have rebulit the servers over night and decided....Naw, no more of this shite. Now I teach others what they need to know to stay up all night bang their heads with MS products. I got out!
HaHa! I win!

Baino said...

Brinf: Fwoooar . . when I get you one on one . . .it'll be a late night and not necessarily in a good way! Techno 'girly' indeed! This competition aint over till its over!