Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cacophany of Dissonance

I can't stand peace and quiet. Not total quiet. I need music, even background noise of the TV. I love a house full of people and laughter and raucusnous.

However there are some noises that grate on me big time. Late night/early morning revellers shouting loudly, egging my cars and tipping up the sulo bins on their destructive path home from the Tav on Friday nights. Noisy Minors, Cockatoos and Kookaburras at 5.00 in the morning. It's dark, no bird should be cackling away at that time it's too early to get up, too late to doze back off. Or kids 'creeping' around the kitchen in the wee hours trying to be quiet but actually crashing crockery and giggling loudly.

Then there are the mechanical irritations. Builders noise that isn' supposed to start until 7.00am cranking up at 6 on a Saturday morning. Trail Bikes and Pocket Bikes. Chain saws and dune buggies. Burglar and house alarms and late night barking dogs.

But the most insidious noises are the ones you hardly hear . . . the chomping noise that a colleague makes when eating their lunch, che plate chinker and the soup slurper. The habitual sniffer the indiscreet sneezer. Then there's the guy who spends all afternoon sucking the sesame seed from between his teeth and the throat clearer, the stomach rumbler . . . and one of my pet hates - the keyboard banger and without doubt the constant inteference and incessant warbling of TMAPITW! Seems noise upsets quite a few people. Look what I found.

. . .the little anal noises that nobody seems to care about but you.


Anonymous said...

Oh goodie, thanks for the link NOT! Have had seven hours sleep in the last 2 days because of BIG GRATING NOISES!

Baino said...

Aww c'mon, I know you don't sleep! Are you sure the grating noise isn't you grinding your teeth?

Actually, I was a bit stuck today so it's a lame post.

And the noise that's irritating me at the moment is DrumerBoy moaning and groaning whilst prone on the couch because he's got . .wait for it . . a runny nose! God men are awful when they're slightly ill! Revenge will be mine! Mwahahaha!

Nonny said...

My lack of hearing renders me oblivious to such little noises. Yep it has its downfalls but there are some pluses.

Daz said...

If I don't get utter silence on a bus - why can't people be fucking considerate and realise that some of us don't want to listen to their conversations? - I silently fume the whole way home.

Silence is a virtue, not just golden.

Baino said...

Ah Nonny, to true although I have been accused of havin 'selective' hearing.

Daz: You must be really angry every time you ride a bus! I don't mind the odd eavesdrop.

Clare & Jem's Excellent Adventures said...

"I can stand silence but..I hate all these noises" you're a walking contradiction Mum! I quote: "When you come home from the pub, be quiet, but don't try to be quiet, that can be just as annoying." Damned if you do...just damned!

Baino said...

Clare and Jem: When are you leaving again?