Saturday, October 27, 2007

Diamonds in My Eyes

Many years ago, I worked for a multi-national Direct Selling company that had an in-house art department. They produced more magazines than Vogue, newsletters, packaging, labelling, promotional posters bla bla bla . . . I was priviledged to work in that department doing their corporate copywriting with a host of talented graphic designers, art directors and typographer. They were happy times with the Happy Mondays playing on Fridays and the Gypsy Kings Bombalayaying after lunch.

Times were happy, not because of the money grubbing multi-national but because of the amazing people in the Creative Department. A few of us have kept together and have our long lunches each quarter. This time round, it's been a while but today Overall, Yummy Mummy and her two princesses, and BikerGirl came for lunch. I love a long lunch and one with these three is a treat indeed. They are nature's gentlepeople. Fun, reminiscent, talented and each very different. The Greek couldn't make it sadly, working on a Saturday, that's a bummer! We have no problem connecting after months apart and I love their bones. Biker Girl is doing her instructors course in between racing and work commitments and is all loved up once again which is fantastic. She looks great, happy, pretty, serene. I love her to bits. Overall is busy doing curriculum pieces for the Abu Dabi Educational council and as usual turned up with another novelty T shirt, her hallmark. Although we all want one that says "I'm very important and I'm extremely busy". Yummy Mummy is working on her own designs in greeting cards, TShirts and has a market stall on Sundays in between raising two rambunctious fairies and baking lemon citrus tarts and making the best marmalade I've ever tasted.

As always, the company was great as we lingererd over brie, olive bread and tapanade, tomato and basil bruschetta, chicken filets with basil pesto and a balsamic salad, finished not with my raspberry tarts but with YummyMummy's lovely home made citrus tart and a delicious dollop of King Island Dairy's best. A good measure of the bubbly stuff and great conversation, good company and a shit load of washing up. We reminisced over the Designer who is now working overseas and PurpleGirl with whom we've had no contact for a long time. These girls are salt of the earth, honest, funny, sincere, irreverent and time with them is time well spent. Thanks ladies for a lovely day. Seriously, I don't have a load of 'friends'. I'm a bit of a loner but I can count about 20 people who I seriously care about outside my family and these three are definitely amongst them. Bless you ladies . . .you're diamonds in my eyes.

The only downer is the fact that I don't have a dishwasher . . (being eco friendly has its downside) how four people can make so much washing up amazes me and the fact that I chipped a tooth on a friggin' pecan nut! How do you break a tooth on pecan? Damn my 30 year old fillings. I think I'm paying for Painless Pete's Christmas Holiday!

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Grannymar said...

Dishes fascinate me I can look at them for hours.

Glad you had a good day, good friends are the Champaign of our lives.