Friday, October 12, 2007

The Easy Way Out

Ages and ages ago, I mentioned that BabyBro had joined a Greyhound Syndicate during a drunken weekend at Indie 500 on the Gold Coast. One of his friends raced the dogs and his mother was a trainer and the syndicate bought a puppy Go Black Teddy, affectionately christened 'Jason'. It was funny, or so we thought. The dog was trained, grew and made a promising debut in a few country races. He was all set to break the big time but sustained an injury to his thigh. The one and only time I saw him race (I'm not a fan of animal racing), he seemed lovely . . . and achieved a noble third place. A shiny black dog with a gentle nature despite the fact that he'd been blooded on rabbits and chickens. I distinctly remember a conversation I had with BabyBro's friend in January this year:

Me: So if he doesn't hit the big time, what happens to him
Todd: We put him down
Me: What? How can you invest so much time and affection with a dog and then put them down. You let him in the house for crying out loud!
Todd: They don't make good pets, they fight and attack anything that moves, besides we've already got two retired dogs
Me: But what about rehabilitation, there are places that will do that like Greyhounds as Pets
Todd: Yeh I suppose
Me: Todd, whatever you do, don't put him down if he doesn't work out. We've got five acres, we can build an enclosure or arrange for rehabilitation
Todd: OK, if it comes to that, I'll let you know. . .

He didn't. Go Black Teddy was euthanased two months ago.

Bastard. There is some justice in the knowledge that his wife has just left him because he was getting a bit on the side. Jason was only 3 years old!


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

That just makes me sick, angry and... Can I come over and do the guy's knees in and then kick him in the nuts? I'm reminded of those who breed puppies and how they simply throw their bitches and stud dogs out when they've "passed their sell by date". The inhumanity.
I'm having a bad day here. I've just done my post of Blog Action day - like to be prepared you know (blame it on the girl guides) and that made me mad - now I'm madder still. I need chocolate.

Nonny said...

Ah that is terrible, I read a bit about this kind of behaviour before, it never seizes to amaze me how fickle some people are, use the poor animal to get what they can out of it then murder it when the tire of it, BASTARDS. There should be a law against it. I’d imagine they make terrible parents. When I get my new pad I might adopt one, I’m staying with my aul folks a while until I buy something else, I think the two dogs, two cats, two hens and a teranchilla are enough for them at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Given the description of this bloke you've given, I'm thinking this poor pup is better off where he is now. There's a Greyhound retirement home near here chock full of dogs no longer able to race but with plenty of love still to give. My hat goes off to people who open these sanctuaries.

Shame is, there are so many 'useless' people (by the same standards) who could do with being put down!

Baino said...

Exactly ladies. Unfortunately, you can't just bring them home and sit them by the fire place. They kill everything that runs but they can be rehabilitated for the right family. I was furious with him but like I say . . he's now on his own for other reasons and his children won't talk to him so karma of some sort.
Nonny: You have a terantula? And your folks babysit it? That's taking animal loving too far I'm afraid.
OK I declare today national chocolate day for all the angries out there.

Nonny said...

Well I’m not really sure what he is I “found” him at a house party I saved him from the flusher. I brought him to the vet and he shit himself before confirming he was of the tarantula variety and could deliver a painful bite but thankfully I have never experienced that .His name is Incey Wincey and he is an escape artist I have lost him many times but he has always come back. Oh and my mother is terrified of him and is completely unaware of him, let hope she doesn’t visit the attic room any time soon. I’ll post a picture of him when I eventually unpack and find my camera.