Monday, October 08, 2007

Vogons, Boguns and Bogongs

This year, strong winds have driven unusually large numbers of Bogongs (not to be confused with the Vogons who built the intergalactic highway of course or aBogun) to the bright lights of Sydney, where they flutter into office buildings and congregate in city parks only to come alive in their millions when the lights go on. Thes moths migrate in spring each year from the Queensland end of the Great Dividing Range into the relative cool and safety of the Snowy Mountains. That's a helluva hike for a pair of pollen coated wings! High winds in Sydney have blown the little blossoms off course and the bright lights of Sydney have attracted zillions. It's one of the few times you see birds, normally which forage in the daylight, congregate in huge numbers over the particularly the well lit harbour bridge to catch the tasty morsels. Also one of the few times you see the poor things splattered against car windscreens and being smashed by brooms all over the city as if they pose a poisonous threat. I feel for the mottephobics but what has everyone else got against them . . .they're just brown butterflies . . . they don't bite or sting and their stay is very short.

So why are we so disgusted by these fanciful little things. If they were red, blue or pink or yellow, we'd be marvelling at the sight I even have a friend who's mother bought a box of butterflies and released them after her wedding ceremony where they promptly parked themselves on the bride's dress and in her hair to a crowd pleasing "Awwww . . ." But not the little brown buggers, they're pests, apparently laden with arsenic and getting squished and sprayed. I'm up for the brown and boring . . . let the little things be, another gust of wind on the weekend and they'll be off for their Snowy Mountain holiday. They are the Justin Timberlakes of insects . . . they make average looking men, I mean insects, feel good about themselves.

A guy waked into a doctor's office and said "I think I'm a moth". The doctor replied "I think you want the psychiatrist's office just down the hall". The guy replied "I was on my way there but I noticed your light was on". Sorry


Daz said...

If all Zips are Zoodles, and some Zoodles are Zorgons, some Zips must be Zorgons.

True or False?

Jefferson Davis said...

Great post, Baino. :)

I'd be the glowing chartreuse moth in the dark, screaming, "Stay away from the bright yellow cake"! :)

Radioactive Moth....Hmm...I smell a story! :) Bzzzz...

The joke at the end is fantastic!!!

Baino said...

DAZ: You're taking your happy pills again aren't you. Of course some Zips must be Zorgons you Zeek!

JD: Thanks for the vote of confidence. I can see your 'inner glow'
There's plenty more where that comes from on the Hilarity for Children website!