Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hey Big Spender

DrummerBoy has a reputation for being a bit of a tight arse. He's very choosy about where he spends his readies. Once he's paid for petrol, a night out, a few bevvies and repaid me in pool chemicals there's precious little left but what there is tends to be spent on boys toys (pocket bikes, motor bikes and accessories, remote control vehicles, XBox games) or frittered on a variety of fast food outlets (Subway, MacDonalds or Thai food).

He does however, have an eye for a bargain and sn't afraid to ask 'how much for cash'. In fact he even when buying shoes which were listed on special at half price, he still asked and managed a further reduction of 1 cent! He likes to shop around (to the point where slashed prices can be offset by the petrol spent shopping around). He's frugal that's what he is. He's been known to save himself the cost of a taxi by stripping down to the boxers on the way home from the pub and given a lift to the top of our road in a Divvy Van!

DrummerBoy also hates to shop, he hates the act of shopping and the parting of money for something as uninteresting and unimportant as clothing. Fashion is not a priority. The Fringelet and I have finally persuaded him to toss his Grey Grandpa PJ's and I relented and bought him two pairs of Jeans and a couple of T's a few weeks ago because they were two for the price of one and I was afraid the neighbours might think I'd turned my home into a half-way house for the hard-up and homeless. His only decent clothes are those received as Christmas or birthday gifts.

T shirt that I bought him for Christmas!

Before heading off to Phuket, he's only had to raise spending money, since the holiday was a 21st gift. So the lad left Antipodean shores flush by Thai standards and pretty pumped about haggling for a good deal! Imagine my delight to receive not one but two messages that indicate my scruffy nerf herder my well be sliding into sartorial elegance:

"Hi it’s Fringelet! You should be very proud. DrummerBoy has been shopping and buying lots of clothes, he’s even bought more than me!"

Then DrummerBoy:

"Hey mum we just upgraded to honeymoon suite, have bought 9 pairs of socks, 3 shirts, 2 Oakley Sunnies, 3 board shorts, 2 hats, 1 motorcross bag, 1 tailored suit, dress shirt, free tie and a dart board for under $300. Woo! love you.

Told you he knew how to drive a bargain! Although why he wants another dart board escapes me!


Anonymous said...

Hhehee, sounds like they are having fun even if shopping isn't meant to be :) I can't see his Chrissy T-shirt so will be back to view that later...

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Heh! He sounds like a lad after my own heart. There is nothing better than a good bout of bargaining - shopping becomes so much more fun. For the rest though, he just sounds like a regular bloke. There you go, Mum, that's what boys are all about! ;-)

steph said...


That's hilarious!

I think I have a 24 year old version of DrummerBoy. Hates shopping and clothes and wears the same few favourites endlessly yet always has the latest in gadgets!

That is... until he spent some time working in Bangkok last year. Now he has tailored suits and shirts which he can order at the push of a button.

Online shopping was made for these guys.

The Honeymoon suite sounds interesting!

nonny said...

Ahh haa he reminds me of the little mofo, although he would still have to reason with himself even when shorts would only set him back two euro.

Anonymous said...

Very funny t-shirt Baino. I'm married to someone who lifts heavy things!

Grannymar said...

I love the t-shirt! Will you recognise him in all that style?

Terence McDanger said...

And they say Cavan men are tight!

Baino said...

AV: I don't think he's ever paid full price for anything other than food and concert tickets!

Step: At least now I can toss some of the hole ridden 'faves' I'll need to make space in his wardrobe! I'm not even thinking about the Honeymoon suite!

Nonny: True that but he thinks nothing of buying a pocket bike for $300!(and it always seems tobe broken)

GM: I bought him another one from the same place "I'm not infantile you big fat poopyhead"! We share it!

Terence: I only know two so I'll take your word for it. Mind you the other one's a bit 'careful' with his earnings as well!

Baino said...

Anon: Men are good at lifting heavy things. Although I spent about 5 years hoiking drum kits around the world until he got his license!

Anonymous said...

He had better be buying YOU some stylish things to wear Baino and not a muscle t-shirt!