Saturday, February 16, 2008

Just Another Saturday - Move on . . .go on . . shoo!

After last night's antics I had a very productive day and didn't need a Nana nap after all. I have nothing of interest to say so go away now and keep surfing the other blogs filled with wit, charm, politics and social comment. This is nothing more than a diary entry. (The temptation to type dairy there is probably testament to my tiredness, unconscious as it is)

Met the Master farrier and son at Glenorie today - time for the ponys' six weekly manicure. My old boy is waaaaay toooooo thin! Despite hard feed and several biscuits of hay each day. So I'm going to bring him and his Royal Fatness (Clare's pony) back to Kellyville. Not that Babysis isn't doing a good job but work and kids and . . . he needs some diligent intensive care or he'll never survive the winter. On site, I can feed him twice or even three times a day and keep that porker Chippy separated in the paddock next door. They'll be able to see and talk to each other but poor old Lasalle Royal Flash (aka Laurie) who now looks like one of the four horses of the Apocalypse, will have a chance to fatten up without the Welsh Mountain jelly belly thief pinching his meal. He's an old sausage at 29 in September but hey, he's also a tough old Arab who has the potential to see 40 *gulp*. The vet tells me he's healthy, just underweight so needs some intensive fud. I just need to get the front paddock fence fixed where a tree has fallen on it then I had the brainwave that it's probably covered by my house and contents insurance. We remove the tree, they pay for the fence. Brilliant! *note to self - call Allianz on Monday*. You watch, no sooner will I move them back here and someone will buy the property. DOH!

Three cars detailed on the inside. How DrummerBoy gets so much sand and dried grass entwined in his floor carpet I'll never know and Fringlet must spend a fortune on Bobby pins judging by today's haul. That combined with the obvious shareholding in Macdonalds saw me fill two kitchen tidy bags with wrappers and rubbish and I've never vacuumed so many sesame seeds in my life (Two all beef patties, special sauce, cheese, pickles, onion, lettuce on a sesame seed bun). Ah the rock 'n roll diet. Kebabs and MacDonalds - the only food outlets open at 3am! Words will be had upon his return! Water restrictions mean that I can't wash the outside (unless I use my own spit) but I can take the cars to the recycle car wash (if only they recycled cars and not water) for $14 a piece so they'll be schparkly. The master plan is to sell DrummerBoy's Magna either intact to some dumb ass - I mean new 'P' Plater - with $2000 to spare - or for parts. Then I pocket the cash (air fare yaya!) and he gets the Corolla hatchback for nothing but maintenance costs, which surprisingly fits an entire drum kit, stands and stool, if the back seats are folded down. AND has the added bonus of running on an oily rag but makes for a poor shaggin' wagon. Clare's stuffed if she comes home early but hey. Outta sight, outta mind. Can afford a holiday - can afford a car!

Well not entirely out of mind. I've been worried about her since Monday. She threw away what she thought was an entry card when it was actually her exit card from Brasil. Slight panic because if the border guards wouldn't let her pay, she would have had to taxi/bus back to Foz and pay the fee at the Bank of Brasil and then try to catch up with the tour group. She wasn't alone, apparently two English boys did the same thing but still . . . . Apparently, my little flower is traveling through South America on PUBLIC TRANSPORT! Sure it's with a tour group and their 'adventures' and accommodation are secured but no air conditined tour coach full of blue rinse grannies, no changing seats to get to know each other, no vying for who gets to sit at the front! (thank God) I knew it was an 'adventure' holiday but crikey! I hope their buses are better than ours. Anyway, crisis averted, she paid her $80 to leave the country at the border and is now in Paraguay. Still living off cans of tuna and stolen bread rolls from the breakfast buffet by all accounts and a lite beer called Skol. She's got the snots but Skyped me on Monday with a webcam enabled and looks just fine and dandy. I don't really miss her yet. Wait until after Easter but it's already been three weeks and the time has flown.

DrummerBoy is obviously enjoying the honeymoon suite, the phone has gone silent since the shopping spree. w00t! I think he's having a good time. Although Strawberry Girl (one of Adam's pals) told me of four of her friends who came home from Phuket with a variety of ailments from broken bones due to quad bike accidents to a nit wit who burned his chest playing with a fiery rope. Apparently the Thais do that sort of thing for kicks/tourists - skip with flaming string!

Sweet Babybro not only mowed the lawn today (all three acres of it) but whipper snipped as well. (mind you I had to pick up all the fallen branches and lug them onto the bonfire and blow his mess away when he'd finished!) Took him from 11:00am until now, 4:42 but it looks SWEET! First time he's done it in five years of living here and didn't run over a single sprinkler, so there's hope that poor old DrummerBoy won't be the only maintenance man on the block in future.

Picture of Aussie manhood mowing lawn - note patriotic shirt! Is he trying to do a burn out?

Had a Skype chat with some friendly foreigners, took me dawg for a walkie poo. Vacuumed the lizard poo off me carpets and changed me sheets . . right . . time for a chotapeg and a DVD.

Oh fark, the bloody washing machine's broken again!


Emperor Ropi said...

Oh, on the Discovery Channel I saw a stuff about those machines. They had competitions with them. It was funny.

Grannymar said...

I could do with a grass cutter, any chance your Bro would like to take me on?

Kate said...

Creepy that Clare is drinking a beer called Skol... up here it's a brand of chewing tobacco. Blech.

Brianf said...

That Kubota is so old it should say FORD on it.

ian said...

Skol was popular in England back in the '70s - its drinkers were called "Skolars!"

Baino said...

Ropi: It's a Kubota mini tractor and also has a small bulldozer blade and a little red trailer that the kids used to enjoy sitting in when they were young and being towed around . . it was good for birthday parties!

GrannyMar: Sorry, Babybro stays here but I'm sending Laurie over tomorrow morning. He'll cut and fertilise.

Kate: I've never heard of it. Sounds very scandinavian. She says it's light and watery. Americans still chew tobacco? I thought that was the domain of the bad guys in Western movies!

Brianf: It's 25 years old and has only ever had the cutting deck replaced. My neighbour has a brand spanking new one and it overheats all the time. How do you say 'coolant' in Korean?

Ian: haha . .you'd know . . a gentleman and a skolar!

Anonymous said...

You car detailed THREE CARS, manicured horses, collected fallen trees and made a bonfire and everything else in the last paragraph - all in ONE day!?! Hello Baino ... are you STILL ALIVE!?! If everything's been done in one weekend, what will you be doing the next?

steph said...

Hey! Baino

Impressive stuff, all things considered!

Now, you told me to shove off... so I will! ;-)

Baino said...

Anony: Yep, got a few muscles on my muscles today so might take it easy. Very satisfying tho!

Steph: I meant it in the nicest possible way! XX

Brianf said...

Here, Kubota was bought by FORD at the same time FORD stopped building tractors of any kind. All the FORD tractor dealers have become Kubota stores. Oh heck they're even built in Ephrata, PA which is about an hour from here.
Give me a FORD model 8 with a ten foot lawn deck... and three acres and I'll be one happy grass cutting kinda' person........If it ever stops snowing!!!

Ryan said...

That's not a burnout. If you want Mrs B, I'll show you a burnout, where do you want it? Front lawn or back? ;)