Friday, February 15, 2008

So You Think You're Better Than Sydney?

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Chance of Rain
23° | 18°
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Unless you're living on the East Coast of Australia, this won't mean much to you other than it is completely upside down. Totally wrong. Just not right. Melbourne is having our weather and we are having theirs! What next? Will we get the Grand Prix and the Melbourne Cup and they'll get the NRL Grand Final and the Sydney Festival!

There is a friendly rivalry between the states, there's no doubt but I can hear the 'Nyer's' from here thank goodness there are still some subtle differences:

White beaches, great surf (except for Bondi which is full of poo)
The best harbour in the world
The Coathanger
The Circular Quay Foreshore including the ole oprey!
Average coffee, great fish and chips
Cosmpolitan nightlife, average restaurants
Great views from any high point
Our Luna Park doesn't break down every day
We play Rugby League
Shit roads and you pay through the nose
Deadly cycle couriers who would kill you sooner than say 'excuse me'
Bigger than Melbourne
More expensive than Melbourne
Fast Pace
Chinese Triads and the best Ice and Coke in Australia
Capable of winning the AFL
Trains are hard to graffiti
Lotsa gay pride
Relish open plazas and public waterfront
Better NYE Fireworks
Think that the board short is a fashion statement
We make good pizzas
We're up ourselves .. .

Largest Greek City outside Athens
Good Coffee, lousy fish and chips
Quality nightlife, nice restaurants
No surf, just a muddy bay
Luna park breaks down every day
Nice parks and cycleways all through the city
Cheaper than Sydney
They play Aussie Rules but can't win a grand final
Good roads and most are free
Smaller than Sydney
Snails pace
Great underworld crime scene and the highest grade heroin in Australia
Incapable of winning the AFL
Trains are so slow they're easy to graffiti
Believes gloomy laneways are architectural delights
Jealous of Sydney's NYE fireworks
Think the black skivvie is a fashion statement
They make good souvlaki
They're depressed . . .

Once I would have firmly stated BETTER WEATHER *sob* Damn you Melbourne, I'll get you next time . . .


Anonymous said...

WELL if we IGNORE that annoying point about the weather I can still say your lists are safely unbalanced to the advantage of SYDNEY YAY!!!! Baino :)

Quickroute said...

Shame about the weather! Some more for the list

Spectacular night cityscape view as you drive from north into city center.

Most cosmopolitan beach experience on xmas day - (Bondi Beach of course!)

Melbourne / Victoria Bitter - Beer drinkers Nectar

ian said...

Hey Baino,

What about the SCG?

It's one of my ambitions to watch a Test there before I die.

PS. If Bondi is 'Poo' why is a different adjective used of the roads?

Baino said...

Anony: Ah, I've lived in both cities and seriously, they both have much to offer but gotta keep the old rivalry alive and well eh?

quickroute: Welcome. Yeh, both cities have much to offer that's for sure. Bondi? Hell no, full of tourists and Kiwis! Although I have friends who will vouch for VB!

Baino said...

Ian: Because Bondi has 'real' poo. The sewage outlet there means that when it rains heavily, effluent flows into the sea! The beach was closed last week! The SCG? Well it might be hallowed ground to cricket fans but it's old. I think the MCG has more 'kudos' among the fans.

ian said...


Why are you responding to blog comments in the middle of the night? It's 4.20 here in Dublin on Friday afternoon - your responses are timed at 3.03 and 3.06 am - do Australians not need to sleep?

Thriftcriminal said...

Which has the best spiders? Or is it fairly evenly split? I have yet to make my way to the antipodes, but our best friends spent 4 years in Sydney, returning with tales of large but harmless huntsmans among other things. I have trained sprog 1 not to be afraid of our diminutive spiders, sprog 2 on the other hand has a healthy fear.

Baino said...

Ian: I was just woken by a couple of prowlers. I'm wide eyed and bushy tailed! Fwooaaar! And my throat's sore cos I yelled at them really, really loud! And my feet hurt cos I ran after them . . .*sob*

Thrifty: I think we (Sydney)win on the spider front with massive hairy huntsmen and Sydney Funnel Webs! Nothing a rubber thong can't fix! Fear is good! Although the huntsman will only bite if caught in clothes, shoes or hats. (DrummerBoy had one in his cap but it just gave him a tickle! *eeeuuuwww*

Emperor Ropi said...

it is colder here

Baino said...

Ropi: You're a lad of few words. Yes it is . .not all that hot here I can tell you!