Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What Price a Degree

Well ClareBear has finished and passed (hooray!) her arduous and pretentious Bachelor of Graphic Design at the University of NSW College of Fine Arts - arguably one of the best in the country. She's got over a year's epxerience doing templates for an ebay company and six months working with a sculptor turning his ideas into something practical. So where does a credit average at such a selubrious institution get you . . . not very far it seems. She's just beginning the job hunting trail but everyone wants 2-3 years experience or to pay less than she can earn at her part time job in Target! Where's the justice.

C'mon you employers . . . I've got Administration Assistants and a Receptionist earning more than a first year graduate Designer - no degree, straight from school . . . ! I know some of these kids' expectations are simply out of this world and that they expect the heavyweight agency salaries straight away but at least give them a go on the same salary as any other entry level grad. At least the job search means she's honing her CV and folio and getting plenty of practice at applications and interviews . . . spewin!

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