Saturday, January 02, 2010

Saturday Shitheads but Fuckwits on Friday

Oooh exciting. You can tell I've had a very cruisy week. I've been trying to do some audio for a while but having difficulty finding the free software. Thanks to Poetikat for the tip on Podomatic but I still needed a recording application because it wouldn't record my voice for some reason. So yeh, this is how I spent my Saturday instead of cleaning out the cupboards that I said I would, or spring cleaning Clare's bedroom while she's swanning in luxury at Byron Bay . . hey it's been raining! I'm on leave! Cut me some slack here. Seriously though, some of you have 'wondered' what I sound like whether I have a strong Aussie Accent. No, I'm not a female version of Steve Irwin despite the odd Crikey slipping into the lingo! Some of you know what I sound like because you Skype, I was a bit nervous and spoke a bit fast but . . .here goes, oops gotta go. big storm coming . .How do I know? A 35 kg Labrador becomes the size of a miniature poodle and wedges between the couch and the computer desk:


Ronda Laveen said...

HA! Great point and great job. You sound like you are 25 years old!

nick said...

How right you are that binge-drinking has got totally out of control, in fact beyond even the concept of control. Same in the UK and Ireland of course. And yes, wearing next to nothing and being paralytic is not an invitation to rape but sooner or later some guy is going to try his luck.

I have no answers to the problem except a complete sea-change in the general cultural attitude to drinking. That'll be so long coming we'll probably all be wiped out by global warming first.

Hails said...

So nice to hear your voice! And I dunno why, but I was one of those expecting your accent to be stronger. :) You sound like a bubbly 20-something - and I agree with your sentiments, I have never understood this concept of drinking to get drunk and brag about it. I'm more inclined to apologise repeatedly in utter mortification if I have too much and think I'm acting like a fool!

xxx said...

Baino I loved hearing your voice!

You sound British to me with a little Aussie twang ;)

I'm not sure why our youth feel so comfortable putting themselves at risk in this way... makes me wonder what messages we have given them.

love to you and thanks for taking the time to do the chat.

x Ribbon

Anonymous said...

"SKYPE"?? Wot th' bloomin' 'ell is that?

And Ronda's do sound like you're 25! And tho' you've picked up a lot of the Aussie lingo o'er the years, I can still hear the English in ya ;)

Right good, this...

Brian Miller said...

wow. so cool to finally hear your voice. have to agree with subs and ronda. nice accent. smiles.

nicely done...i was there as you were describing it...happy saturday to you!

Grannymar said...

well, I am no stranger to the sound of your voice thanks to Skype, it always sounds bubbly and youthful to me. I come away from our conversations feeling refreshed and recharged.

I totally agree with you on your stance about binge-drinking. As for the going out in an excuse for clothes... there might be some excuse in the heat but certainly not in the freezing temperatures we have in Ireland right now

Mrsupole said...

Agree with the others here. Loved the accent. When I lived in Oklahoma I had that southern twang and to this day it only takes me a few moments to pick it back up again. But then again I did grow up in the "South", or as we like to call it, Southern California. I have heard that we do talk differently from those that live in Northern California. It must be the heat that causes us to talk and move so slowly. Yup, definitely a "southern" thing.

Love the Saturday Shitheads thing going on. And I am with subby in what the heck is "SKYPE"? Is it like a talking Twitter?

God bless.

jay said...

I love this post!! Perfectly describes the way I feel as well - Saturday Shitheads indeed, but sadly all too often, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Shitheads as well. They won't make old bones like that. Stupid kids.

Drinking to get drunk never did anything for me, because I only ever enjoyed drinking up to the 'merry' stage. Past that and onto disorientation, let alone headache, nausea and vomiting, that's no fun at all!

Happy New Year, Baino! I love your voice and your accent. Maybe I'll get brave and do a podcast some time ... but don't hold your breath!

Tom said...

good points, Helen..and you sound very European. For the New Year I had a large shot of very very very smooth Kentucky Bourbon and being the lightweight i am it made the room spin about for a bit! Now that's entertainment.


Mike said...

I could listen to your voice all day! It made me want to go commit crimes against myself! hahaha!!

I never can understand why people drink to the point of almost passing out?

I don't ever remember getting to that point. It is definitely dangerous for women.

Roy said...

I'm with the others who haven't heard you before - what a pleasant, light, bubbly voice you have!

I don't understand the binge drinking either; it's epidemic around here, even in people not so young. I'd always attributed it to that horrendous Puritan mindframe the US seems to have brought over with it from Cromwell's not-so-merry-Olde-England that views alcohol as a sin only slightly worse than murder (after all, in 1919 we passed a law making producing, selling, and drinking alcoholic beverages illegal, and we didn't finally repeal it until 1933, and even now there are counties in some states that are still "dry"). But you guys don't have that kind of heritage, so it makes me wonder where the urge to get totally shit-faced comes from.

Meanwhile, I have my glass of red with dinner, and I have a wee dram from my bottle of 15-year-old Laphraoig from time to time, including my customary nip watching the ball drop in Times Square on New Year's Eve. Slainte! said...

How fun to hear your voice! And you're spot on with the Saturday Shithead award. Definitely a combination for potential disaster. So many young women just don't realize where it might lead. (Said in a "been there, done that" voice.)

Janice said...

I enjoyed the SOUND of your banter! Like everyone else, I love the accent...and agree with your thoughts.

laughingwolf said...

not a day over 30, methinks... good'un, baino....

Megan said...

Very nice to hear your voice!

And I agree with you!

Ces Adorio said...

Why wear high heels and then get inebriated? At least wear comfortable shoes so you won't twist your ankles.

Baino said...

Haha Ronda I WISH! That's how I managed to flirt with helpkeskers in a previous life over the phone! Got results!

Nick I was particularly surprised because there was quite an obvious Police presence but they seemed more focussed on towing cars and crowd control.

Hey Hails. It's surprising isn't it that after all these year's there's still a trace of the English Accent. I was only 11 years old when I came here. Then many Aussies don't have the 'strine accent. Mind you, many do. You should hear my in-laws. Very Aussie.

Ribbon I can't imagine a parent letting young women go out dressed so provocatively and I'm no prude but seriously, some of these girls were showing more skin than cloth. Very tarty.

Subby Skype is a free PC to PC voice chat application. All you need is a headset with a microphone (as does the person your calling) you set up an account online and chat or IM for free. You should try it with Princess Cheese! You can also subscribe (pay) if you want to talk to landlines or mobiles from your PC. I have a mic in my screen so I don't need a headset. You write as if you're "English" do you really talk like that?

Just a bit of fun Brian but it takes a bit of time.

Awww GrannyMar how sweet of you to say so. I love talking to you as well. True about the heat but save the 'skin' for the beach please.

Mrs Supole the Aussie accent is pretty general. Country people tend to have a stronger accent and Queenslanders are known to ad 'ay to things in some cases but we're fairly homogonised. Not like England or the US where you can cross boarders and hear a different accent. I have a friend in South Carolina, now he has a 'twang' but I love it!

Huge problem worldwide I think Jay. We've tried many measures to stop it. For instance if I am with a teenager in the liquor store, they won't sell me alcohol in case I'm buying it for the youngster. ID is essential and publicans are liable if they serve alcohol to minors so I don't know where they're getting it from. Have a go!

Haha . . well you're a cheap drunk Tom! What I'd call a 'cork sniffer'! hehe!

OTIN! Naughty boy! See thats why you should get skype and I could talk your socks off! I don't see the fun it it myself (drinking to get drunk). I enjoy a whine for the flavour, the relaxation of it. Nothing like a nice bottle of wine or champagne.

Roy I have to admit, it's not restricted to the very young but they seem to be the ones who behave badly. I do worry about my two who drink more than they should when they party hard but I know they're not on the streets and not tempting fate. Besides, they're 23 and 25, what they to now is their own decision. We've never had prohibition it's true but these kids wouldn't have a clue about that anyway. I think it's cheap, easily available and not policed strongly enough. There is a huge TV campaign on at the moment discouraging parents from letting underage children drink. And slainte! to you back just don't ask me to pronounce it!

Cat, been there done that? I think I got shitfaced once as a youngling but it just made me sick and I never had the 'body' to flaunt a lot of skin. Then when I was that age, the 'maxi' dress was in!

Thanks Janice. All on the same page here I think. Nice to shake it up a bit with voice rather than just the written word. Although I write as I speak.

Thanks Megalicious.

Haha . . crack me up Ms Cessicle! Seriously, maybe she wasn't pixillated, maybe she was just having trouble balancing on her heels! Perhaps I got the whole scenario wrong! Haha!

Carolina said...

You have a very friendly voice. And rather chique I think. Very nice to listen to.
And you made a very good point.

Great start to a new blogyear ;-)

Colette Amelia said...

well I got to say you sound like me daughter in law who is also from Sydney...I think?

What a great idea! loved hearing your voice.

Colette Amelia said...

now I must say what is with these girls? Drinking like sailors is one thing but what about the stripping off of the clothes on the bar?

I guess I am just too old...I don't get it!

Vagabonde said...

Have been catching up with the posts you wrote while I was in Ohio. One of your sentences is going in my quotation document: “I don’t hold grudges but I have a good memory.” Perfect – I could have used it. Your pictures of the bay are really pretty and the fireworks over the bridge look spectacular. Our New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day were not great – workers are coming on Monday to take the subfloor off the kitchen, and the flooring which rotted because of a leak under the sink so we had to pack all the china, take all the wine bottles out of the cabinet, etc. and we are not finished. We did stop long enough to watch the big apple go down in New York and the big peach in Atlanta – on the tele, but then our tele remotes stopped working – both of them. Your voice sounds so young – and fast – I am used to the southern drawl – which is quite slow, but you don’t sound as Australian as some of the Australian Air Force guys I worked with. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such kind remarks - you are very generous. I wish you a great 2010 with much happiness, luck and may things go your way.

Anonymous said...

First visit here and I learn so much! Nice blog :0)

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell Baino! You sound like me!! Actually if you "crossed my sister-in-law and me" as they say,perfect voice match to you. (She came back to Australia after living in England about 25 years ago). She would be the faster clipped bits - me, just the sound. Well done with the posting -I think it would be a bit of a technical challenge for me to do that.Fantastic New Year's Eve pictures by the way. Sydney can really turn it on.That last one of the Harbour Bridge fireworks was spectacular!!

JeffScape said...

Breathe, Baino! Breathe!

By the way... calling a spade a shovel is, er, poetry. ;)

kj said...

oh shoot. it's too late at night for me to listen properly, but i couldn't resist a quick hit.

oh baino! about time i heard that voice.

i beati said...

youngish voice- and quite itellectual really - cool ..Blessings in New Year.. Wasn't expecting the end ..hahah

lettuce said...

well said baino
it is pretty scary
and also stupid

I loved hearing your voice

kj said...


i am officially in love with you! and i was already, before i heard your captivating narrative!! HAHAHA baino, this is so totally PRECIOUS!

you should have a radio show, honest to god.

okay, is today the day i set up skype? i think so...

ps we all know kids that age can be way too jerky. if it had been my daughter i would have grounded her to age 19 too. but fortunately, maturity often redirects. ♥

happy happy new year honey hells.

Anonymous said...

Same shyte everywhere these days, and by the way your blog just gets better and better. Your voice post is quite excellent too. Very refined don't you know!

Baino said...

Thanks Carolina, if only the appearance matched the voice, I'd be a happy camper!

Yeh well we have a fairly homogonised accent down here Collette. Not as many differences as in the US.

Hello Vagabonde . . .hmmm well I'm not sure that's my 'saying' but it works for me. Shame I can't remember what I did last Saturday! I guess a good education and an English mother who continually 'corrected' sloppy speech may have had something to do with my accent.

Welcome over Eternal. I had a quick look at your blog. Fantastic, I'll be back. Sounds like you're in the Middle East?

Haha; . . you recknon Pam? I have a doppleganger somewhere? It's really hard to keep an even pace. Perhaps I should write a script next time and slow down a bit. Yeh it was a bit trixy. I had to use one app to record then another to import it but I'll keep practising!

Hehe . . .perhaps so Jeff . . I did run off at the mouth a bit eh?

Well I don't know about intellectual iBeati but yeh, I have a youngish voice. We should export all these scantily clad young women to the Yukon, maybe then they'd put some clothes on!

Seems to be a worldwide phenomenon Lettuce although not so much in Western Europe. They drink a lot but don't seem to get legless.

Now now kj, I'm straight remember! Yeh well I allowed my two a lot of freedom but late nights had to wait until they were old enough to drive and vote! Happy New Year to you too kj. Today's card? "Never cut what can be untied"

Thanks Unstranger. Haha 'refined'? You think. It was the Saturday Shithead! You've disappeared from my Reader again. Weird.

Renee said...

I love the podcast and your voice is beautiful.

It is the same problem everywhere, the younger people and I mean even as old as in their lates 20s here get pissed not to even have a buzz or have fun but to get straight up shitfaced.

It is disgusting.

Love you.

Renee xoxo

Lizzie said...

What a fab voice you have! :) Love it. And I'm with you and the others on binge drinking. I don't really get it and it's purpose/point. If anything, it only causes harm to the intaker and possibly others around them.


Babysis said...

Well I know your voice - its just like mine....but I do love the podomatic podcast! Excellent!

Now a lot has been said about skanky girl and her lack of clothes and class....I for one also think the lads have a bit to answer for.

I am teaching my daughter not to put herself in "dangerous" situations and my son how to respect women and treat them correctly. I believe most boys get away with bloody murder and if more were educated properly on the rights and wrongs - you could walk around nude and shitfaced without a care in the world.

Thank god Baino you have raised a son in that fashion and he has grown into a fine example of a man. Alas many parents dont. And thats where things get nasty.

I do believe the age for sale of alcohol needs to be raised to a more "sensible" age, but hey, they'll probably just pinch it off their big brother like I did!

Michael said...

I use vocaroo--see it on my blog. I think it works better as the recording sounds clearer, but bet hat as it may, it is always fun to actually hear a blogger. Few of us are brave enough to do that and then one has to think what to actually say into the laptop!

Well, I enjoy this. Thank you! do it again! Will this become a regular feature? :)

Yes, never been into binge drinking. In fact I don't drink at all but for half a glass of wine for special occassions.

Baino said...

Don't understand the drinking to get drunk thing Renee and that's from someone who really likes a drink!

Interesting coming from you Lizzie cos you're quite a youngling yourself. Maybe it's a teen right of passage.

Thanks Babysis. Although Adam drinks far too much, he does treat his women well. Unfortunately, men being men, they don't have that level of self control, especially the deviate ones. I agree, young women should be allowed to wear what they want but in reality, it's tempting fate.

Mr Toasty, Vocaroo wasn't cooperating (I pinched it from your site) and when I notified them, they admitted a problem but gave me such a smart arse email about "you get what you pay for" that I decided I don't want to use them. No, not a regular feature, just now and then.

Mim said...

Well this is a lovely treat!
love the image of the high heels and empty bottle - I can just picture it. awful, awful to be so drunk and so young (or at any age)

Anyway, HNY to you,

Kate Hanley said...

What a lovely voice, I think Rhonda said it sounds like a 25 year old and I totally agree. Great comment on binge drinkers as well - I'm with ya on that one. By the way (I'm just getting back to reading the blogs) love your photos of the fireworks, they were really spectacular.

ashleigh said...

Excellent pod-post. Everything you say s spot on, though only a women these days can say that a girl is asking for trouble. And I known I'm paraphrasing a bit. But that is the essence of it when you put the whole picture together.

And as for getting drunk... I can't understand why. Its not just a matter of knowing your limits, its a matter of how awful you feel after. Sadly I seem to do this (drink too much, which for me means about 3/4 of a bottle of wine) about once a year and I feel crap the next day, all day. Its no fun at all, and a good reminder not to do it again.

Out where I live in the deep northern bogan suburbs (I guess the equiv to the Sydney Western 'burbs) its all just backyard yahoos until all hours. For us this year, BYE was mercifully not too bad, but most years I hate it. I can't stand being blasted by a neighbours stereo to the point where I can still hear it, inside, with the doors shut, and earplugs jammed in (and I'm on a LARGE plot of land so they are a long way away... more distance = "nobody will mind, wind up the wick"). They get louder and drunker as the night wears on... I shudder to think of them driving home.

Yes... great podpost. "put some bloody clothes on"!! YES!

Excellent speaking voice, too. Thanks.

Baino said...

The thing is Mim it was 50 year old men that made the comment. Good men, moral men. Imagine if they noticed who else is?

Hello Kate. Nice to see you back. Haha well like I said if the body matched the voice I'd be a happy camper!

Ashleigh well you know what I'm on about I guess. I thought you were a wine nut? 3/4 doesn't sound like a big draught on New Year's eve, you need to pace yourself man. I don't mind noise too much on NYE. A bit of license for the season I guess. Then I'm on five acres so never hear anyone except my own lot.

Anonymous said...

'for Chrissake, put some bloody clothes on!'

Haha! It's like that around here too, but these kids are sober... they just go around wearing pyjamas everywhere. It's bizarre.