Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Brown Paper Packages Tied up With String

I love presents. Not big flashy ones but little meaningful ones so when a big box arrived from Lima today I was over the moon. Each present wrapped in brown paper and tied with string with a little note from ClareBear explaining their significance and where they were purchased. There was something for Bec and co (I suspect Brasilian footy shirts) a pair of baggy Bolivian stripey pants that only DrummerBoy would have the audacity to wear . . they were quickly souvenired this afternoon and transported to yet another house-sitting assignment . . and a few little lovelies for madre:

Beautiful tapestry from the Pantenal. Small enough for my coffee table
And in the right colours to boot!

Little marble llama from beneath the salt flats for my curiosity corner

Lighter for Adam to encourage explosive activity adorned with Macchu Picchu images

Alpaca socks, yep I'm a dag in winter and wear socks

Alpaca bag which is why this blog is short.
Transferring contents of daggy black leather thing right now!

Peruvian Bull which adorns homes there apparently
Sadly she did not relinquish this hat worn on the Inca Trail
And she threw away her stick
Jem didn't, posted it home!

Now these are a few of my favourite things!


Anonymous said...

OOOHHH you are so LUCKY with having a big hearted daughter :) I'm a dag in Winter also, but you're going to be a groovy dag!

Kath Lockett said...

Love the blue tapestry thingy, the cute little llama and the bag - you lucky duck!

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Ooh! I'm also a big fan of socks in winter and those alpace jobs look the business! Such fun to get a parcel of pressies - enjoy!

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Sorry, alpaca. Brain all slushy.

Grannymar said...

I love the colours in the beautiful tapestry.

Enjoy the pressies.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! You scored BIG! What fabulous prezzies! Color me envious!

steph said...

You trained her well!

I was once sent a pair of beautiful hand-knit socks from Latvia and they were the cosiest things ever as designed for Latvian winters.

I simply remember my favourite things, and then I don't feel...... so bad.

Baino said...

Oh girls! You're all a bunch of sock nuts! I am a dag there's no denying it but I can't bring myself to wear slippers so sox it is! The tapestry is very cute and depicts life in the village where she purchased it. My colours too . . very blue. The thing about alpaca/llama is that it's incredibly thin and soft but really warm. Only took a week to get here too! I'm still waiting for a pressie from Dubai posted in January (think that one's gone to the dogs!)

Clare & Jem's Excellent Adventures said...

The daggy hat is in the bag of my things I sent home. Feel free to wear it til I get back! Aren´t I generous!!

Nick said...

Lucky Baino getting such a heap of fantastic presents! I think my favourite's the alpaca bag, truly beautiful. Your house must be full of amazing stuff from all over the world (so's ours come to think about it - including the brilliant aboriginal print from Sydney).

Quickroute said...

Seems like Christmas came early for Baino this year! you must've been a good girl!

Nick said...

Baino, a quick query: daggy I know, but what's luggy?

Baino said...

Clare: I thought it was the felt hat in the bag? Clearly I didn't look closely. I love my stuff darling just brilliant. I'm going to frame the tapestry to keep it pristine. I love that you touched all those things. I may even keep the box!

Nick: I have a sort of curiosity corner with knick knacks on it from all over. Clare's the traveller these days so the collection's growing. I love the bag too. Reminds me a bit of those old Indian things we used to carry around in the 70's

Routey: Well probably no novelty to you over there in Argentina but I loves me stuff! And of course I'm a good girl. Always have been, always will be FIGJAM!

Nick: Haha! 'Luggy' . .my word possum so no wonder you're confused. Sort of big and gawky . .like a lug! as in, I don't like going out with small/short men because they make me feel 'luggy'.