Saturday, April 05, 2008

Twitchy Bits

The most common things that make the muscle in your eyelid twitch are fatigue, stress, and caffeine. Once spasms begin, they may continue off and on for a few days. Then, they disappear. Most people experience this type of eyelid twitch on occasion and find it very annoying. In most cases, you won't even notice when the twitch has stopped. Well my eyebrows have been twitching for 4 days! It's soooooo annoying. Could be fatigue, I am a poor sleeper but I sleep well for 5 hours so I don't think it's fatigue. Could be stress . . I've been living alone for a week but it's been kind of liberating, my house is immaculately clean, I eat things that 'he' won't . .could be caffeine although I think 2 cups of coffee in 24 hours . . unlikely. Yep stress wins although I don't 'feel' stressed.

DrummerBoy is house sitting which is code for free food and lodging but today he popped in because the Fringelet was 'preparing' for the big night out and he was bored! Bless his cotton sox he came to talk to his mum. He's got a job. A good job. His prospective boss flew him to Melbourne on Friday for the Garden Show and he's pumped. Videos and stills of $7000 barbecues and 'outdoor rooms' were watched and he's very excited about his real start on Monday. Well another reason for visiting mum, the girls are doing girls' stuff and obviously have to start straightening and glossing at 2.00pm for an 8:30 start. The boys are settling in for a big poker night.

So why is my eyebrow twitching. The twitch has transferred from my feet. Actually, it's my feet itching. I've been watching Getaway. A holiday program that makes me realise what I really want to spend my life doing . . travelling. Already the Merry Widow is up for a Canadian trip and we're in the early planning stages for maybe June 2009. But I also want to go to Kawai in Hawaii, I want to spend Christmas in Greenland, I want to hear mass in Rome,I want to watch THE horse race in Sienna, I want to spend days at the Hermitage in St Petersburg and also want to walk into Chanel on the Champs Delyse and be thrown out of Chanel because they don't do clothes in sizes larger than 5! Or even closer to home see the blue pools at Mt Gambier and perhaps kayak in Katherine Gorge. So much to do, so little money, so little time . . .

The reporters on this show (and another favourite 'The Pilot Guides')have to experience the best job in the world.
So, until the readies pour in, I'm stuck watching Sydney Weekend and Getaway and wondering if I shouldn't crash the poker game and chance a win . . .beginners luck?

Thank you Stephen Rodriguez

Just get me outta here! Bob might have coined it but Jimmy owned it.

Gotta go, Michael Palin is doing Europe! Metaphorically speaking!


ian said...

Stood at the Arc de Triomphe one Sunday morning and looked down the Champs Elysees a couple of summers ago - then along savouring each step. A moment to be remembered - indeed the Elysian Fields.

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Headline reads: "Wanderlust causes eyebrows to twitch".

There's nothing better than discovering new places and rediscovering old ones. As you say, so much to see, never enough time - it's like books - so many to read, not chance of ever reading them all!

Here's to journeys and maybe meeting up one day :-)

Thriftcriminal said...

My eye doesn't twitch, the side of my nose does. It hasn't happened to me in years though, despite considerable caffine consumption.

Nick said...

I don't get twitches but I do get itches - just about everywhere. Every five minutes I have to scratch at something. I don't think it's stress, just weird electrical flows in my body. And wow, that's a lot of destinations lined up. You must have the next ten years' vacations already spoken for.

Brianf said...

That reminds me of Dubai - too many damn Arabs!!!

Brianf said...


Baino said...

Ian: everyone's been to Paris but me *sob* I hope it stands up to it's good reputation. Although my sister in law was slapped by a gypsy outside the Louvre!

AV: absolutely. Wonderlust me but wondering nowhere. At least the markets are on today so I'm off out with my camera to support a friend who's got a stall. Defo on meeting up.

Thrifty: It's stopped today, been going on for ages! Wonder if it had anything to do with Adam coming home? mmm . . don't feel stressed . .

Nick; Excelpet Flea Wash will cure that . . .yep . . there's a big world out there! Baby steps perhaps.

Brianf: Dubai isn't really on the agenda but it's a popular stop over. What's interesting?

Nick said...

Flea Wash? How very dare you. I'm never speaking to you ever again (well, until tomorrow)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Drummerboy has scored a great job! I'm getting away in a few weeks but only a hop skip and float away, but better than nothing. I can't even watch that show because it DOES make you twitch and get itchy when busy, have no money or time! Best not to watch it ... ;)

Jefferson Davis said...

I reckon there are quite a few of us with wonderlust disease at the moment. :)

Jimmy Rulezz!!! :)

Quickroute said...

Travel is the real education in life!
You just can't learn the things you do traveling in books or TV!

Baino said...

Anony: I know, I'm into self-abuse! It's been 9 years since I've been overseas with just mini breaks in between so I'm ready to roll up the matilda and pack my swag!

JD: True that . . only 8 or 9 months and I'll hit the road. At the rate you're going, I'll see you on the Northside!

Quicky: Never a true word was spoken. As Mark Twain wisely noted:

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.

Until I go . . it'll have to be TV!

Emperor Ropi said...

I don't really understand your description about that problem but I have no problems with my eyes but I wear glasses.