Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Life Is An Unmade Bed

I've been tagged by Wordnerd to write a six word memoir. I guess the tone of this meme is dictated by your mood at the time and since mine is a little dour this weekend. Missing ClareBear, missing DrummerBoy, rats in the roof bla bla . . . mine are probably going to be a bit negative but I'll try. I am if anything, many things so here's a few, you decide which is most applicable, the one in bold reflects my position at the moment:

I'm not deaf, I'm ignoring you

Stitch ripper needed for life's tapestry

Always reliable, sometimes predictable, often intolerable

Falling over at weddings is mandatory

Shit happens more often than not

Regrets past, stuck in the present

Always expect the unexpected to happen

Children are very, very expensive blessings

Happiness takes time, anything is possible

I see both points of view

Helping others can be very rewarding

Helping others can lead to pain

Things look better when sun shines

Be 'kind' is my main mantra

Small things offer the greatest pleasure

I'm an optimist, except when pessimistic.

I live on an emotional rollercoaster

Once happy, now ambivalent, always hopeful

My life is an unmade bed

No tags but play if you like.


Anonymous said...

It's poetry Baino! However, "Children are very, VERY expensive blessings"! I like your "Always expect the unexpected to happen" in the most positive way for you :)

Baino said...

Anony: Oops, can't dance, can't count . . fixed it. Now out into the sunshine with you . . I'm off .to clip my Plumbago!

Ryan said...

What's the point in making your bed if you are going to sleep in it again in 12 hours time, that's been my argument for 21 years now and i'm sticking to it.

Nick said...

Seize your life with both hands.

Brian said...

Shit happens, life goes on regardless.

Brian said...

Fucking Google accounts. This is Brian Damage, not the other one.

Thriftcriminal said...

"Don't fight the current, use it"

"Everything is random, we dream patterns"

Bit more than 6, but my favourite:

"One foot in front of the other. Repeat"

Grannymar said...

My life has many unmade beds.

steph said...

Great to see you back on the beat, Baino

I was WORRIED, I was!

I like your philosophy. Please continue to be yourself and remember...

"Don't sweat the small stuff"

Life's too short as it is!


Gledwood said...

hey i quite like that

i don't spose the Artist Tracy Emin is a household name Down Under as she is in this country (one of 3 artists, the other being Damien Hurst and the 3rd "Banksy" who nobody is supposed to know who on earth he is...) yeah 3 household name all British artists in this country

Tracy Emin once did a piece called My Bed it was a decidedly scruffy unmade bed full of cigarette ends, opened condom wrappers etc etc

until she told the story of going on a drinking binge so bad she was confined to this bed for 3 days... crawled to the kitchen to get water from the tap... took one look back at said bed and thought "no i will keep that bed as is, and make an installation of it"... that's what she did

and that's what your motto reminded me of...

Baino said...

Ryan: It's like cleaning . . has to be done . . .I can't stand shambolic disorder. I like my pillows plumped and duvet draped!

Brians: Well said.

Thrifty: I'm with you. Felt a bit like that on Saturday but there's a spring in my step this morning!

Grannymar: It does not, you're very tidy I just know it. You wash up wearing rubber gloves!

Steph: Don't worry petal. I'm made of very resilient stuff - hey, there's another six word memoir!

Haha Gledwood I was writing on yours while you were writing on mine! Thanks for the story but no cigarette ends in my boudoir just me and a bloody big dog!

Kath Lockett said...

Chocolate is not just for breakfast
Being a parent is hard but wonderful
Love means constant compromise and laughter
Tradies never turn up on time
Bills arrive a week after payday

Baino said...

Kath: Love 'em! Especially Bills arrive a week after payday!